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Kingsman Movie Screening: DC Area Dads

Can you say, “Date Night?”  This movie doesn’t come out until February 13th, but you can see Kingsman: The Secret Service the week before it hits theaters.   On Thursday February 5th, join for the advanced screening of the movie in the DC area.

Kingsman is based on a popular comic book series and is directed by the director of Kick Ass and X-Men First Class.

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2014 Acura MDX – Daddy’s Coolest Ride

The 2014 Acura MDX happens to be my three children’s favorite vehicle.  My kids attend the DC Auto Show every year and have ridden in over one hundred vehicles with their daddy being an automotive journalist, so this is really saying something.


2014 Acura MDX

2014 Acura MDX AWD Adv Ent

First Impression

To be honest I wasn’t expecting the earth to shift in the 2014 Acura MDX.  For years, I have been underwhelmed by Acura, and it had not been too long since I was cruising the town in an unimpressive 2013 Acura RDX.  A change would soon come.

When I caught a glimpse of the MDX parked in my driveway, I immediately took note of its new styling. It seemed larger, more curvaceous and more appealing to the eye.


What’s Inside That Counts 

The interior is warm and inviting. Everything is within arms reach and the interface, although high-tech, is user-friendly.2014 MDX Interior

The seats are comfy and yet provide the support needed for long rides.  Long rides are a pleasure in so many ways, from the driver’s experience to each of the passenger’s.

The driver seatbelt can get a little touchy feely, though.  Literally.  Sudden movement or change in driving conditions trigger the seatbelt to compress to your body.  The seatbelt’s automatic tension mechanism gently pushes the driver against the seat like a dad would hug his child during an intense moment on a roller coaster.  It’s subtle, while confidently reassuring that you are protected.


The Ride

photo 1

Arin and “A” for Acura

The steering in the MDX is very smooth and reactive. It drives like a car and for my young three passengers it feels like a movie theater on wheels.  Acceleration impressed me. Multiple modes, including Sport mode, made the 325 horsepower speed very accessible and the change in mode also altered suspension and feel for the road.  The MDX has a good feel for the road, it was treat zipping in and out of traffic.


Kids Say

This was the best vehicle you have had.  This is my favorite, because it had a TV, it was fast and it had a lot of room.   It had cool sign (emblem) on the front and Acura starts with the first letter of my name. – Arin T. (8)

It was really fun to ride in. The different, longer TV was nice! And I can sit in the back. I love the three rows.  – Nya T. (8)


The Cool

photo 3

Michal letting herself out of third row.

The MDX is great for a family of multiples.  Three rows of seating and a push button motorized release helps third row passengers let themselves out. I am trying to teach independence around here, so the kids that sat in the back were on their own and fine with that.

Things unique to the MDX experience, include a Widescreen panel TV in the ceiling with HDMI and 115-Volt outlet to allow high-definition quality for the rear passengers with enough juice to power a laptop or gaming system.

Everything came standard with no additional cost to the buyer with the Advance Entertainment package I tested. This is how purchasing a luxury vehicle should be; start at one price and get everything you want and more, without having to pay more.

Other features included blind spot monitoring to voice recognition navigation and ventilated seats to remote engine start.

photo 4

Widescreen movie showing XMEN

Multi-view rear camera is a plus.  It allows three different angle you would otherwise miss using your mirrors. This is useful parallel parking, noticing approaching vehicles and the occasional oblivious child or their many accessories close by.


Last Words

Acura started the luxury SUV with third row seating when it introduced the MDX years ago.  In 2014, the MDX’s competition is much stiffer with sexier offerings by Infiniti, BMW and others, but Acura ignores competitors for its own path. The 2014 Acura MDX is a stylish family road warrior with luxury appeal that never feels stuffy.  The MDX is comfortable, approachable and all-in-all more fun to be around.



photo 2

2014 Acura MDX AWD Adv Ent

Price Tag: $56,505 base ($57,400 tested)

Power: 3.5L Direct Injection V6 Cylinder 325 horsepower

Transmission: 6-speed Automatic with Sequential SportShift

Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive

Fuel Economy (mpg): 18-city/ 27-hwy

XMEN Return is Uncanny

Okay, pardon this cool dad’s fanboy mode, but X-MEN is on the way and the new film brings two sets of X-MEN together.  An awesome ensemble cast brings to life my favorite series of comic books on the mutants, Uncanny X-MEN. Halle Berry and so many others are back, as well as the young cast from the last movie!  It also brings back Bryan Singer the director of the first X-MEN film and writer of the excellent X-MEN: First Class. Check out the preview X-MEN: Days of Future Past and salivate with me!  I’m like a kids now candy store opens MAY 2014 #DadsRule


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