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Help Fit Father Win PETA Competition

What do you get when you mix a Cool Dad that is a Fit Father with a vegan powered lifestyle?  PETA’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door. Well that is, k and niaif you vote.  Calling all cool dads to vote or to get your woman to place your vote for our brother Kimatni Rawlins.  He even knows Nia Long (look->   that should be worth something LOL … A vote?

Seriously, Kimatni Rawlins is the founder of Fit Fathers and dad of two young girls. He works tirelessly to show families a healthier lifestyle. This message is really important for dads, as we need to be in our children’s lives as long as possible.

Kimatni has made it to the final round in PETA’s competition.  A win would allow him to expand the Fit Fathers message of health, fitness and overall wellness.

It literally takes 20 seconds.  VOTE for Kimatni.  #DadsRULE

Vote for your favorite vegan finalists now! All votes must be received by May 2, 2014, at 12 noon EDT, and don’t forget: We’ll be considering votes, enthusiasm, and attractiveness when deciding the winners. Two lucky winners (one male and one female) will each receive a free trip to Hawaii, courtesy of and donated by



Going Raw and Electric in the City

When I found out I would get a chance to test the electric-powered Chevy Volt, I called

Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, a vegan restaurant, to incorporate food into my equation of extreme firsts. Sure, you can go hybrid, but why not go electric! Sure, you can go vegan, but why not go raw! With a blindfolded sense of anxiety and anticipation, I was ready.


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