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Fatherhood Friday The Equalizer

Here to celebrate Fatherhood Friday, we settle the score on deadbeat dads with Denzel Washington, The Equalizer.  The cool movie star is a cool dad of four:  John David (1983), Katia (1987), Olivia (1991) and Malcolm (1991).  His oldest son John David is currently playing for the St. Louis Rams while his daughter attends Yale.  Denzel never let being estranged from his dad affect the type of father he is, and has said it fueled his fire to be a constant and positive force in his kid’s live.

“My ultimate life dream project is my kids. My family.” – Denzel Washington

“Put your slippers way under your bed so when you get up in the morning, you have to get on your knees to find them. And while you’re down there, start your day with prayer. Ask for wisdom. Ask for understanding.” – Denzel Washington

#DadsRule #FatherhoodFriday

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