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DadsRule Super Bowl Commercials 2015

I want to talk about how excited and proud I felt seeing cool dads put on such a pedestal in the Super Bowl 49 commercials.  A great display of what it means to a father and on one of the largest stages with billions of people watching.  Even more than watching, people really pay attention to these commercials.

Now that I am over the shock and disappointment of not seeing Beast Mode take the Seahawks to a second championship, I can revel a bit in the other things I saw last night.

First, Toyota’s “Bold Dad” commercial which was a touching display of how bold a dad innately becomes and why. #oneBoldChoice

Toyota jumped in again with “One Bold Choice To Be A Dad” showcasing former and current NFL player giving powerful testimonies about their dads and fatherhood … #OneBoldChoice

Next, Nissan who decided to introduce the world to their newly redesigned flagship, Maxima, in a heartwarming commercial about a hard-driving father (literally)that keeps his family in the forefront while his son grows up before us wanting to be like dad. They meet up at the end for an embrace of love and understanding. #WithDad

Last but not least Dove Men+Care “Real Strength” ad, which we reviewed on this site … #RealStrength WATCH HERE

One commercial that depressed a lot a people, especially this dad, was the uncomfortable Nationwide Insurance commercial about a child dying in an accident. Not for the Super Bowl, but I guess they do have people talking about it which is the goal … I suppose.

Fatherhood Friday: Real Strong Dad Ad

Not a dry eye in the place after this powerful Dove Men +Care commercial about cool dads. I am starting a petition for this to run during the Super Bowl giving a nod to dads getting it done and encourage deadbeat dads watching the game to get the lead out! #REALStrength #FatherhoodFriday

Best Super Bowl Commercial 2014

For cool dads around the universe, Hyundai gets my vote for best Super Bowl Commercial 2014. Their “Dad’s Sixth Sense” spot showing off the  auto emergency brake feature in the all new Hyundai Genesis was dad approved.  At first watch I thought the dad was looking at the young girl but after watching again not looking for a funny punchline, I got the message.  It was cool to see a company marketing a car through its features as opposed to  targeting a type of driver.  This tell a cute story of a dad as the hero. And well Hyundai … dad is always the hero:) Kudos. #DadsRule


Coolest Super Bowl Commercial

Hands down!  The title goes to the Greek yogurt I have never heard of and will never eat. Starts with an “O.”

#2 goes for Ferris. The extended version, you didn’t see from HONDA CR-V. Life moves pretty fast …

Last was the ETrade commercial on Fatherhood. Baby Speed Dating …

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