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Aziz Ansari’s New Netflix Show Highlights his Dad


If you haven’t caught Aziz Ansar’s new Netflix sitcom, “Master of None,” you should check it out. After I finished an interested first episode where he gets a new picture of fatherhood and how it would really be as a dad, I was in!  The next episode “Parents” includes his real mom and dad who are fixtures on the show after this episode.

Aziz recently admitted that his dad took most of his vacation time from work for the year to come act on the show.  Aziz’s dad told Late Show host Stephen Colbert, “This is all fun and I liked acting in the show, but I really just did it so I could spent more time with you.”

Aziz was so touched he had the following response on Instagram:

“I’m an incredibly lucky person and many of you are as well,” he continued. “Not to beat a dead horse here and sorry if this is cheesy or too sentimental but if your parents are good to you too, just go do something nice for them. I bet they care and love you more than you realize.” Aziz

#DadsRule  – Binge watch Master of None on Netflix.



Black-ish Sitcom Comes to ABC

“Screwing things up is just another part of what it means to be a father. That’s how you learn how to fix things. ”

That line was taken from ABC new upcoming comedy series “Black-ish” starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne. Finally a little flavor on ABC, let’s see how she goes.  The show revolves around an affluent African-American couple with the father trying to keep hold of his children’s cultural roots while living in the suburbs.

Looks interesting, check it out.

Reason for a New Girl

This week Fox’s hit sitcom “New Girl” fall season ended, but don’t fret it has been picked up for another season.  If you have never seen it, it is worth checking out.  If you still don’t care, I present … Hannah Simone … the beautiful ethnic actress that co-stars in Zooey Deschanel’s comedy about a chick that moves in with three guys after a bad breakup.

If she isn’t a new girl that you can get into, CHECK YOUR PULSE>

Scene from "New Girl"

 #DADsRULE  Watch this show! And follow her @HannahSimone 


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