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Races and Proposals

This weekend was a blast for this cool dad.  Saturday, I finished my first 5k, picked up an engagement ring and headed to my college homecoming to propose to my best friend and now future wife.  Talk about a marathon of a day.

By 5:30am I was tossing and turning waking up every 2o minutes with anticipation. There was a day ahead of major firsts. First up was the Race for Every Child 5k with my fellow Fit Fathers in Washington, DC to help Children’s National Medical Center.  I had never ran a 5k I don’t run often but when I do it takes me about 30 min to run 2 miles and after that it is rest time. All I knew was I had to run faster and longer to finish in time to catch my son’s race which started  9:30.  And I did just that, no way I would miss the boy run.  I clocked in at  34:17 which was 923 out of over 2500 runners.  Not bad! I was very proud to be a part of it and oh, my son …

photo 3

I had more than enough time to catch my breath and walk my son to the starting line for his 100-yard dash.  A race that he would be running alone for the last 10 yards with the closest 7-year-old in his dust.  See photo below:

photo 5

Following the race, the real prize was waiting to be picked up. The diamond had been set in the engagement ring and ready to be picked up by 12pm.  I was cutting it close but I had to wait a few days for the jeweler to set the stone.

The plan was to propose to my girlfriend at our alma mater at the exact place we met on campus at Morgan State University Homecoming.  Not quite as simple when your girlfriend is mad at you, isn’t liking what her hair is doing that day and doesn’t want to attend homecoming.  I enlisted her friends to get her on campus by any means necessary.

As the sun started to set and the crowd lessened, it was time to put an exclamation mark on the biggest decision of my life. Now my mind was made up and I had the ring, it was time to place the decision before her. I decided to bring my kids along in true cool dad fashion.  I introduced them to my campus for the first time.  I showed them the places I would frequent and the places where I learned on campus.

20131008-155019.jpg 20131008-155041.jpg

As much as the kids love my girlfriend and had been pushing for me to marry her (as if she was paying them under the swings) they had no idea that I was about to propose.  Everyone was surprised when I got on one knee. I loved that my daughters were able to be there, but most important I love that I was able to share that moment with my son and talk to him about it afterwards.


Oh and she said YES!


New chapter.  Down goes single dad.  Dads still rule! ~ Mike Tucker

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