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QOTD To Be Loved?

As men, we grow up loved by our moms and then taught that it is a weakness to require that validation from our women. As dads, our kids have no hesitation sharing love and validating it.  I know personally, I like to get things without asking.

For many of us in relationships, we tend not to ask, “Do you love me?” But we notice when it’s not being said to us.  We know women love to hear it.  Truth be told, so do we. We need to be loved too!

to be loved

To be loved, to be loved. Oh, what feeling to be loved!



#DadsRule Question of the Day

Is being told you are loved important? Even if you don’t ask for it, would you like your significant other to validate how she feels about you.

QOTD: Toughest Thing About Fatherhood?

Matt takes his family to work

Matt Damon father of three daughters recently said the following:

“Fatherhood is something I have always wanted to do. Although sleeplessness is the toughest part.”


What is the toughest thing about fatherhood?

The toughest thing for me is having people depend on you; the responsibility of their needs and wants rest on your shoulders.  Especially as a single dad, ok with about your needs and your mistakes and a carefree cool dude okay with his shortcomings.  If my needs are not met, so be it.  If I make a mistake, I can get over it.  But with fatherhood, every move you make, every breath you take; they’ll be watching you (Shout out to STING).

If I forget to wash clothes, my kids won’t have clean clothes to wear. If I forget to go shopping for food, the kids can’t eat. If I miss the deadline to turn in a permission slip, my kids can’t go on the field trip.  When they are late to school, guess who’s fault it is?

Being a dad there is more pressure than ever to make money,  get things right, get there on time, get your life organized, because if you don’t there are pretty little people that will be very disappointed.  There is nothing worse than a disappointed kid.

What do you think is the toughest thing about fatherhood?

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