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The Kids Are Alright

Despite everything that has gone on with the kids in the past two years with the separation of our family as they knew it and coming to live with me, THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT.  Knock on wood.

I know it’s a continuous process but watching them grow, get new friends, have

Nya and Arin celebrating perfection

sleepovers and excel in school, has made me so proud to have them in my life.  Kids are truly models of resilience to watch and follow their lead just as they follow ours.

There is so much we can learn from our children, from having a child’s heart and loving people unconditionally to not being afraid to show emotion when something hurts us.

This week I was able to share breakfast with my twins for getting perfect attendance for the first advisory at school (KIPPdc), which was so cool.  Also, today I attended the parent-teacher conferences and heard nothing but great things.  My kindergartners are at the top of the class and my 2nd grader has teachers scrambling for 3rd grade work to challenge her. Outside of academics, the teachers are just really impressed at their personalities and character.  This speaks volumes to a parent … co-parent.

#DadsRule  Everything you do as a parent in and around your child, makes a difference.

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