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Olympic Dad Skier Wins Gold


 In a field crowded with young freespirited high-flying half pipe skiers, American freestyle skier David Wise has stood out for some time now. Not dave west daughter pop outbecause he is one of the best, but because of his wife and kid.  Even though he took home a gold medal in the SoChi Winter Olympics last night, what impressed most was the mature 23 year-olds outlook on life and fatherhood.  Wise is husband and father of a 2 year old, Nayeli, who’s face could be seen on a pop out sign held by his wife cheering him on.

‘‘I can go and ski my heart out, but that doesn’t necessarily define who I am,’’ he said. ‘‘Being a good husband and father is more important.  I can have passion with both things and it provides balance.’’

Multi-tasking taking care of business on the slopes and at home, David Wise has medalled in life. Lame … maybe … but DadsRULE!

david wise

Father of Kevin Durant Foul On The Play


I came across an interesting article on Washington Post about Kevin Durant and his estranged father who abandoned Durant and his family when the Olympian/NBA All Star was one years old. I  know all to well about being abandoned around that age by an unfit mother, in my case. Read this Huffington Post article by my mom.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post piece by Matt Breen on Durant:

Last month, before the U.S. basketball team played an exhibition at Verizon Center, (Wayne) Pratt and Durant got together for lunch in Washington. As Durant took his time to accommodate the inevitable autograph seekers, Pratt stepped aside and marveled at his son.

“It’s never too late to be your kid’s father; it’s never too late,” Pratt said. “You have to try, we all make mistakes. But, you have to get back in there and fight. These young men really need us.” READ MORE


Salute Olympic Dads

By now you have all seen the mom-famous  P&G Best Job commercial by thanking the moms around the world.  I loved it, was touched and commend moms as well.  But it was safe and easy. I wasn’t offended being a single dad but did feel a little left out.  It’s always safe to go with mom.  It would have taken some investigating and more passion to do a commercial on dads.  And I get it P&G, mostly moms buy your products.  I know it’s a numbers game and advertising is about that.

But in my opinion with a stage like the Olympics it was the perfect time to do something different.  So we at daddyscool #SaluteDad

Yin Alvarez Stepdad and coach of Olympic bronze medalist in the all around London 2012, gymnast  Danell Leyva. Alveraz handed out a lot of kisses to his son showing how the bound between step parents and children can grow.

While Danell’s mom thought he was too round and weird shaped and that his asthma would prevent him from being a gynmast, his stepdad molded him into a Olympic athlete. #SaluteDad

Also being a cool dad I have to salute Steve Lochte, a swim coach and father of the cool Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Steve coached up two awesome swimmers, one of which never made it to the Olympics because he started selling weed, but being a dad is dealing with the good and bad.  #SaluteDad.
I’ll add more or just hip me to more Olympic dads. In the meantime I salute you for reading. #DadsRule
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