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Trailblazer Aminu New Contract and New Baby

Al-Farouq Aminu recently signed his biggest contract with the NBA Portland Trailblazers and most importantly, had a new baby girl. The 6-foot-9 forward and his wife welcomed their first child, Emanah.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 5.08.21 PM

“It’s crazy, man. It’s just life changing,” Aminu said. “Finally just starting your family, your legacy.”

“It’s good to have a refresh button, so to say. When I go home I got a kid I want play with.”

Salute!  #DadsRule #fatherhoodFriday

RIP Darryl Dawkins Fatherhood Friday

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Yesterday, we lost one of our legendary figures in professional basketball, Darryl Dawkins. A man that became a legend for rattling backboards until they shattered. A man that would be known as “Chocolate Thunder,” after Stevie Wonder felt the vibrations from one of his slam dunks and nicknamed him. Famous for the slam dunks he would name: “The If-You-Ain’t-Groovin’, Best-Get-Movin’, Chocolate-Thunder-Flyin’, Robinzine-Cryin’, Teeth-Shakin’, Glass-Breakin’, Rump-Roastin’, Bun-Toastin’, Glass-Still Flyin’, Wham-Bam-I-Am-Jam.”

Darryl Dawkins would  play 14 years in the NBA and although he would marry four times he stayed a cool dad to his children, it seems.  He died at 58 from a heart attack, according to reports.  He leaves behind three children in Alexis, Nick and Tabitha Dawkins.



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Fatherhood Friday Legacy with Allan Houston

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.36.40 PMEx-New York Knick and NBA All-Star Allan Houston is a father of seven children, so, for him, fatherhood is not a game.  The former player, recently unveiled the trailer for his documentary, “The Legacy of My Father.”  The film features a few familiar faces including Doc Rivers, the only NBA head coach to coach his son on a team.  Our interest is piqued. Watch the trailer for yourself. #DadsRule #FatherhoodFriday



Manute Bol’s Son to Take his Father’s Game to New Height

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.31.11 PM


Meet Bol Bol, son of former NBA player Manute Bol.  Bol is more than following the massive footprints of  his 7ft 7in tall (now deceased) dad; this 15 year-old is already 6 ft 10 in and shows the mobility of Kevin Durant.

Bol’s dad died in 2010. The death hit him hard, but became his motivation to focus more on basketball to help get through his loss. He wants to complete his dads dream making it to the NBA, taking care of the people of Sudan but not spending the bulk of his money on the cause like his dad did, rather saving money to take care of himself and his immediate family.

“When people say every game I play is for my dad, it makes me feel good; makes me work harder”

Bol is just getting started.


Video via Bleacher Report

Bomani Jones Sets the Record Straight on Donald Sterling

Heard this on talk radio this morning. Below is some real talk from ESPN writer Bomani Jones on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling before his recorded slip of the tongue.  Jones wrote an article eight years ago about Sterling that got very little exposure at the time.  Now it speaks volumes on how Sterling’s actions spoke much louder than his words ever would.

Personally, I was not as offended by the remarks as most I have heard.   A lot of people feel the way Sterling does, I just know it.  But it is a great moment for everyone to get on their soapbox and talk about racism. I don’t know what it will change but the discussion is the first step in acknowledging it is still a problem.  What needs to change are people’s heart’s. How do we change people’s hearts?

Listen to the whole interview.

NBA Star Scores TV Show About Single Dad

Propelled by the sucess of his book, “A Father First,” Dwayne Wade will soon be turning his real life single dad story into a sitcom.  ”Three The Hard Way,” will be the story of an NBA star who gets full custody of his two young sons will be loosely based on Wade and produced by his production company.  He has already sold it, so it is definitely in the works.  NBA Star TV 

Wade want his show to be a mixture of comedy and life lessons like the “Cosby Show” was for so much of my generation.

Keep pushing the envelope and the fatherhood movement.  We need more images of fathers and single ones for sure. #DadsRule

Dwadekids.2 Dwadekids

Dwade kids.1
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Ode to Dwight Howard

This AT&T commercial pretty much sums up Dwight Howard and what the Houston Rockets can expect from the happy-go-lucky center.   Go Big or Go home? Which one to you think Howard would rather do? It’s not complicated, Lakers fans.
Solely the opinion of Mike Tucker. Now to the video!


Father of Kevin Durant Foul On The Play


I came across an interesting article on Washington Post about Kevin Durant and his estranged father who abandoned Durant and his family when the Olympian/NBA All Star was one years old. I  know all to well about being abandoned around that age by an unfit mother, in my case. Read this Huffington Post article by my mom.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post piece by Matt Breen on Durant:

Last month, before the U.S. basketball team played an exhibition at Verizon Center, (Wayne) Pratt and Durant got together for lunch in Washington. As Durant took his time to accommodate the inevitable autograph seekers, Pratt stepped aside and marveled at his son.

“It’s never too late to be your kid’s father; it’s never too late,” Pratt said. “You have to try, we all make mistakes. But, you have to get back in there and fight. These young men really need us.” READ MORE


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