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Earth to Echo Review me

I forgot to post a review about the Earth to Echo screening. SO here it goes …

The movie about highway construction forcing families to move and young friends to separate, finds four young friends on a sci-fi adventure when they find a cute little alien robot trying to get home.  My kids loved the movie! It was humorous without forced jokes and the movie had a nice flow to it.  As the adult, I found it mildly entertaining. The script lacked originality and substance.  Films like E.T. and the other 80’s  kids sci-fi films seemed to connect with the audiences more, because the movies relied more on the writing. But I am probably over thinking it because I was excited about this movie believing it would take me back those feelings I get from my childhood films. No dice.  But the bottom line is the kids loved it and the movie was devoid of adult themes etc.  Earth to Echo is a good family flick. Check it out.

Michal Zoe’s Review of HTTYD2


I recently took the kids to see How To Train Your Dragon 2. The kids and I  were so impressed with the film that I asked my 9-year old, Michal Zoe, to write a review.  It ended up being more about her experience, but I love it!  Check out what she wrote:           Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 11.28.17 PM

By Michal Zoe Tucker

Before its release, my dad, my siblings, and I went to see a screening of How to Train Your Dragon 2!

I was so excited, I had never been to a screening before. The best part was that we got reserved seats! When we walked in, my dad looked for where we were supposed to go, because he had written an article for his job and that’s why we got the tickets.  So he was looking for the people to meet up with them.  After we found them we got our glasses and a photographer took our picture. Then we got something to eat. I ordered boneless chicken wings, french fries, and fruit punch. I ordered a small cup of juice and it looked liked a large bowl of popcorn.

Anyway, we went into the movie theater and saw the movie! That was one of the best animated movies I’ve seen all year! It was way better than the first one! It had so much action! It was a very sad and happy movie, It was also very funny! I loved the part when Hiccup finally met his mother! If they come out with a new one, I can’t wait to see it! Great movie!

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