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Weird Science

Michal Zoe’s 2nd grade science fair was the bomb … like baking soda and vinegar explosive.  We went with the classic volcano. She and her mom put in work one weekend. They went to the park and grabbed material from outside to add realness and texture to the volcano.  Daddy would have just painted it but this was cooler.  Great job mom.

Michal and Daddy


#DadsRule – Sometimes being able to take no credit is the best credit.  It can make everyone was happy.

All I did was take pictures. Love it!  And I love her school KIPPDC!







Every Dad Wants to Rule the World

80’s Music always brightens my day.  Stay focused and in the action, dads.  It’s our job to rule the world or die trying.  No offense ladies, but who of you wouldn’t want to be laid up following your passion from home knowing that everything is taking care of by your man? Dads let’s get it.  Mouths are open, eyes are locked, the pressure is on but this is what we do. No need to fear the unknown. SO shed some Tears for Fears and make it happen.

#DADsRULE   You can’t reach the sky sitting down. Stand up for yourself, believe and make it happen. It’s never too late. The world is always waiting for you.

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