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Daddy Said Knock You OUT!

Even, if you didn’t catch the fight you know by now about the “shot” (cheap or not) heard round the world. Mayweather/Ortiz has been trending like crazy. All cash and hoopla aside, all lights low; what if you were in a fight and the person taunting, headbutting and hitting you gave you a free shot?

What would your daddy say do?  Knock his a$$ out!

No apology needed. Click to check out my man, Steve at theRootDC blog on it. He brings up Malcolm and Ali and I’m just saying what I tell my son.

#DADsRule    “Protect yourself at all times!”

Ortiz. I know you didn’t grow up with a daddy, so I may be late. But now you know. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joooooooe

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