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What Bieber Really Needs is a Dad

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The image of Justin Bieber bare-chested on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine sent Huffington Post blogger Roland Warren into a poignant tirade about fatherhood or lack there of, in the Biebs case.  Warren gives excerpts from the article and his overall view of Bieber and how the lack of a dad is his life is the reason of his very public downward spiral.

“I have a special place in my heart for fatherless boys because I know well their lonely journey. A boy has a hole in his soul in the shape of his father. God whispers into the womb of his mother that there is a man who will love him like no other. But, if his father is unable or unwilling to fill this hole, it can leave a wound that is not easily healed.” – Roland Warren

Read more about  “The Hole in Justin Bieber’s Soul” 

Justin Bieber Boxing with Mike Tyson

Because my son likes Justin Bieber and i recently force fed him Mike Tucker … excuse me, Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts on YouTube. This is for Arin (6) >>> The best of both worlds. Bieber going to work on the punching bag with Tyson training.

Good work, Beibs.  Now you can release that new album … a sucker punch to dads far and wide.

And what do you know THIS JUST IN > Justin roughs up papparazzi over girlfriend. 

Ease up, champ.

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