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Keep Kids Busy: Homeschooled

Recently during a holiday, the kids had a free day off school which feels like a Saturday to them but daddy needed to be able to get some work done. Operation: Keep Kids Busy (KKB) was born. My idea … home school!  I know, you would think the last thing kids want to do on a day off is school.  That’s like on your day off from work, you pretend to go to work.

The thing with kids is that they like activities and they secretly (and sometimes openly) want to be in charge of things. So, I decided to let them all be teachers for the day.  They would each pick a subject, do a lesson plan and run their class how they wanted.  Michal (oldest girl) chose Math, Nya (middle girl) picked English and my son Arin taught P.E., of course.  They did this on their own in the basement. My wife and I were school administrators. I prepped lunch in the cafeteria (dinning room) and at the end of the school day talked to each of them about the experience. I ended up teaching a cooking course on gumbo, but that is for another blog post.

This kid activity was a success, mind you it works best with multiple kids involved. It can be done any day the little ones are lazing around to keep the kids busy.


KKB Kid Feedback:

Nya – “It was fun learned multiplications and algorithms. P.E. was so fun.  I liked teaching.”

Arin – “It was hard. Nya was very strict. I liked being a teacher.”

Michal – “Some of the students weren’t good. Nya was a mean teacher.  Arin was a nice teacher. The exercises were good and the video he picked was fun. I liked being a student more!  *Being a teacher wasn’t as fun as I thought. At school teaching seems fun, it seems like the teachers are having fun. It wasn’t always fun dealing with these students they were complaining about when lunch would be.”

Instagram Post:

Have the kids planning lessons to teach each other different subjects. They are excited. go figure.#noschoolday #homeschool day #kidactivities life w multiples #DadsRule

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