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Young New Dads Most Stressed

depressed dad2Becoming a new father can be overwhelming no matter the age but a new study shows that men in their early 20’s are 68 percent likley to suffer from depression during fatherhood. The survey was taken over a 20 year period from 1994 to 2014 and included over 10,000 men who became fathers between the ages of 24 and 32.

The findings published in Pediatrics on April 14, state the risk of paternal depression during the first five years of fatherhood rose 10 percent in the younger fathers as opposed to the older men. The study done by The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health is very important as not a lot of attention has been paid to depression of father’s and how it can affect a child’s development.

The study also showed a greater incidence of depression among fathers who lived with their children, and even higher levels of depression among black and Hispanic fathers.

What is not clear is how accurate this survey is with the 10 questions asked of the men regarding feelings of unhappiness, how well-liked they felt, and if they were tired. I think young men are much less settled, so they naturally want to do and feel they are missing more, which can make them feel most stressed. Older men have done quite a bit usually and are more set in their ways so questions hit them in a different way.

The bottomline is the discussion has begun and some attention is being paid to fathers as it relates to paternal depression.  It is something worth investigating more.


DC Race 4 Every Child Oct. 5

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My twins , now 7, were born premature and Children’s Medical Center was vital to their development.  Saturday, October 5th, we give back.  Calling Fathers, sons, daughters and families join DaddysCool and Fit Fathers for a 5k Race for Every Child.  The event will help fund specialized medical care, research into childhood diseases, and important wellness and preventive services to keep all children healthy through supporting Children’s National Medical Center.

DaddysCool will be out there running and included is a dash for kids 10 – Under, so the kids can be apart of it.  My son, Arin, one of the aforementioned preemies will be running.

Join the Hyundai Hope On Wheels team t for this high-profile DC-area family fun run/walk to raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer. Sign up today for the #Race4EveryChild 5K by joining our team. Please select “join a team” and choose “Hyundai Hope On Wheels” under the “corporate” menu. 

We are looking forward to seeing you out there!

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Supreme BS

By Cam Poles

About last week … Dammit #SCOTUS … One step forward, 48 (years of) steps back! #Voting_Rights_Act effectively neutered. Within hours, Texas moves to enact laws that will most assuredly disenfranchise Black, Brown, and low-income voters! Other southern states affected likely to follow suite. Outraged at these developments. Equally outraged at the complacency, apathy, and lack of vigilance that allows this to happen!  The United States has to do better, lest our children will not have the same rights we have – rights her/our ancestors prayed, marched, fought, and died for.  Fathers take note. Read a little more here.

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Dads Club Sponsored by Dove Men is Back!

back in business


The Hiatus is OVER!  Warning … Web site redesign.  Daddy’s Cool is back to posting content.  New Look, New Cool.  Join the movement #DadsRule.

Father’s Friday on Twitter – #FF

It’s official the new #FF is  Father’s Friday on Twitter.  Happy Tweeting.  Father’s Day Weekend!


Finding Fatherhood

Check this out from the TheRootDC GOOD read!

There are many black men in this city who are considered to be nothing but statistics: Another ex-con. An unskilled, unemployed worker. A deadbeat dad.

Twenty-five-year-old James McClain is trying to transcend the labels.He spent three and a half years in Jessup Correctional Institution in Maryland on a drug charge. He’s been out since 2008 and for nearly each of his days as a free man he’s taken care of his six-year-old son, Jehrylle- alone. McClain received full custody from the court earlier this year. The struggle is a daily one: They’ve slept in homeless shelters and on relative’s couches.

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Million Father March DC Monday Aug. 22

Calling all Fathers, Stepfathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Big Brothers, Male caregivers

Do you realize what it would mean to your child to have you there on the first day of school?

Monday August 22, join the Million Father March in Washington, DC 


Take your kids to school … Leave an impression and be an example.

Your decision to take a few hours out of your day will make a difference in your child’s spirit and show

the world how important your child is to you.

One Day makes a World of Difference

Join the movement in 700 cities to be a positive force in records number this month.

August 22   MEN LEAD THE WAY. Take your child back to school.



Sun., Aug. 21 –

POP RALLY – to get us pumped, network and unwind before the big first day.

MARTINS Restaurant and Lounge 1919 9th St. 2pm-6pm

Mon, Aug. 22 –

Wear a plain White T shirt (signifier to Million Father March)

Take your child to school

Take a few minutes to Meet their teachers and principal


visit our MILLION FATHER MARCH DC FACEBOOK page to click “I’m Attending” and check in on the EVENT WALL –  Let us know what school(s) you are taking your kid(s)


DADDYSCOOL.COM and RETURNING CITIZENS UNITED are officially registered to bring the Million Father March to DC.  Our partners include:  100 Fathers, Inc., Serenity Inc., Alliance of Concerned Men, Captain Fly. MORE partners to be announced.  TO be a partner to get the word out CONTACT:  Mike Tucker  202.487.6453 or Yango Sawyer 202.270.1098


The 2011 Million Father March is managed by The Black Star Project, U.S.A. and sponsored by the Schott Foundation for Public Information, in partnership with the National PTA and the National Fatherhood Initiative. Also visit our website at to bring the Million Father March.

** The Black Star Project, U.S.A. is sponsoring the Million Father March 2011 on the first-day-of-school in nearly 700 cities across America.  Started in 2006, the Million Father March has become a special day that fathers and men use to make a commitment to their children, their families, their communities and their country with their dynamic presence at a school.

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