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Fatherhood Friday Song For My Father

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This week one of my favorite jazz musicians passed away. Pianist and cool dad Horace Silver died on June 18 at age 85.  Silver’s greatest album was dedicated to his father, Songs For My Father. If you are not familiar, it pushed the envelope of straight ahead jazz by creating a smoother sound which would be a precursor for the smooth jazz genre.  That was not his only contribution he also kept it funky and bluesy with his group the Jazz Messengers.

Silver’s life changed at the age of 11 when his dad allowed him to stay up late and catch a live performance of a swing band.  He told his dad, “I want to become a famous jazz musician. But whether I become a famous jazz musician or not, I just want to play music. If I play in just a local bar all my life — I just want to play music. That’s all I want to do.”

 Salute RIP Horace Silver #FatherhoodFriday #DadsRule #History

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Throwback Tackle w the Combses



Back when P Diddy was Puffy and his boys were much younger. Sean John ad with fatherhood scores! #Classic #DadsRule




Fatherhood Friday Bob Marley from Daughter



Cedella Marley is Bob Marley’s eldest child and in celebration of Bob Marley’s recent birthday, it seemed like a cool thing to hear from his daughter about him as a cool dad.  Interesting insight into the music legend.  One Love  #FatherhoodFriday

Excerpts from an interview with Cedella with BBC News Magazine:

He was a cool dad, as cool as they come.

If he was in town he would always be the one that would come and pick us up from school, take us to the beach. We’d go running, swimming. He was very competitive, a work-out fanatic.  Whenever he would come and pick us up from school, I would walk out with my chest up and my nose in the air.  I was like, “That’s my dad.” He was the sexiest dad in prep school. I was proud of my dad. 

He was very strict about our schoolwork. We went to Catholic schools. It was very funny for people who would say, “Your father is such a Rastafarian.” And I was, “Yeah and he sent us to Catholic schools!”

I wouldn’t say he was a cuddly dad, but he was fun. He was funny – he would always try and make you laugh.”

He wrote songs, hanging around, and it was fun to watch him too. It was kind of casual, if we were sitting back watching tv, he’d have his guitar.

Music was important in our childhood. It wasn’t something that we had to do. My father’s attitude was, “If you want to do it you can do it, but if want to do it you’re going to have to be great at it.”

He was a perfectionist – it had to be perfect.

He said: “If my life is just for me then I don’t want it.”

But I know what he meant. If you can’t do something that would help to bring about change, then what are you living for? Even though our time was short, he was a great person to have as a father.


Read more at BBC 


Also if you can make it to NYC check out … the NY Off-Broadway Premiere of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds at the New Victory Theatre February 7-23, 2013 after a local run at the recently completed Bowie State Fine and Performing Arts Center in January, 2014. Three Little Birds premiered at Adventure Theatre MTC in March 2013 and is based on the book by Cedella Marley with music & lyrics by reggae legend Bob Marley, and enjoyed a well-received run earlier this season. Ticket information for the season is at available at and at (646) 223-3010.

Daddycool review of the play – We saw it first!




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