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Why March?

”It is because they kept marching America changed … and yes, eventually the White House changed.”

Yesterday, President Obama spoke on the same hallowed grounds Martin Luther King did 50 years to the date as the first African-Americanobama.mow50 President of the United States. He didn’t speak to the same swelling crowd but in a digital age touched more across the globe on the internet, and television than Dr. King ever did. 

Yesterday marked the actual 50th anniversary of the March On Washington and the landmark “I Have A Dream” speech.  Obama’s presence stood as the embodiment of how far we have come and with his speech he brought the reality that their is still strides to be made.

“It is because they marched!”

Obama connected current struggles with the history of what the marchers were going through, the spirit they brought to the day of the March and the civil rights flame they carried home with them.

“That’s where courage comes from, when we turn not from each other or on each other but towards one another, and we find that we do not walk alone,” the President explained. We all have a part to play in shaping this society from teachers to business owners. We have to find our own beat and march.

“It is because they kept marching…”

“Change doesn’t come from Washington but to Washington,” he explained. If it is important to us, we need to unify and bring the cause to those that can make change or challenge them to make change.  Obama talked about class, race, jobs but he spoke beyond the audience there to every person in America.

What makes Obama different from King is not just technology or even what he means to Blacks or the United States, it is what he means to everyone.  He is the one minority that has the ear of the world.

With his March On Washington 50 Anniversary speech he continued to solidify himself as a great speaker, leader, husband and father. He is fathering a new nation with global implications.  He is American History.  #dadsRule #KeepMarching

View Obama’s speech here:

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