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Kicks Powered By Volkswagen

My son Arin got a chance to play soccer at the DC United’s practice field at RFK stadium and kick it with some United players yesterday.  It was a fun little soccer tournament that even included a moon bounce in which the kids played soccer inside. Crazy!

Special thanks to Arin’s school KippDC

High Five a Kid

Michal running towards the action to get her kicks. Nya in the colorful tights.

Friday the kids took part in the Kicks for Kids thanks to KIPPDC and courtesy of the DC UNITED at RFK stadium in DC.  They were treated to a good soccer game with plenty of goals, dinner, t-shirts and free Adidas shin guards and socks.  At halftime the kids were allowed to throw their new gear on and head out to the field to folic and try to kick a ball more than they kick one another. It was pretty brutal out there LOL

The kids had a great time and as they ran off the field the crowd high-fived them like when athletes leave the field.

“I’m a celebrity,” said Arin.  He was super excited about the encouragement he got from the crowd.

#DADsRULE … Encourage the kids.  High-fives are always necessary.

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