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Dark Night in Colorado

By all means stay out of Colorado … Columbine, Kobe and today probably the most horrific tragedy of all.  But seriously, today’s news of the massacre in a Colorado just after midnight at a movie screening of “Dark Knight Rises” struck me to the core. It was tantamount to the emotion I had during 9/11.  It was not as grand of a scale and I was not as mesmerized by its overwhelming impact, but the initial shock and thought was so similar.  No one is safe.  It was a terrorist act catching a large group of Americans at their most vulnerable. Even more penetrating was the fact that it took place where we go to suspend disbelief. An action movie where people were watching guns blazing and in a blink of an eye reality steps in front of the screen of the sick world displayed on film. Reality is sicker than fiction and the reality is the world we live in is sickest of all.

Listening to Jennifer Seegar and her account of shells falling on her head as the shooter unloaded on a theater of men women and children killing anyone in sight and the only reason she may have been spare is because she was curled up in the fetal position close enough for the shell casings to burn her.

AS A DAD, one thing that really turned my stomach were the reports that children as young as three-months old were shot and that there were toddlers and other children wounded and may be among the dead in this horrible incident.  WHY were these kids at an R movie at midnight? All my sympathy and prayer to all those affected by such madness.  It is not my intent to be insensitive because NO one deserves this horror.  I hindsight no one knew that they were putting their children in danger so let’s put that out of the argument.  But as a parent, because I am assuming a child would not be able to talk you in to a midnight showing of a movie, was it really that important to drag your child and/or baby to the movies at this hour?

At this time reports detail 12 fatalities and 50 wounded.  All their families and people that love them are in my prayers.


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