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Falling Asleep After Sex Means

I LOVE YOU, GIRL! Studies prove it. I don’t have to cuddle , let me sleep. Now, stop doubting my love!

Psychologists at the University of Michigan and Albright College in Pennsylvania, surveyed 456 men and women and concluded that the reason we pass out after sex is because we have a desire for bonding and affection with my woman.  Huh?

All seriousness aside, I can see how falling asleep after sex could mean that. But if you put in work, dose off, then wake up like your car is being stolen and proceed to run out the bedroom like you can actually catch the thief … No love there. You just dosed and realized you f’d up and fell asleep after sex.

But if you feel comfortable enough to go to sleep and not have a second thought.  Then wake up the next morning roll over to go at it again or cuddle … That’s love there!

For the longest I never really wanted to cuddle.  I would come in the door with my excuse or be setting it up throughout the visit.  Even if I stayed the night, I wouldn’t go to sleep.  I would be tired as hell the next day.

One of my homeboys would never stay at a woman’s crib, no matter what. Now that’s gangsta!

Things have changes.  #DADsRULE and I need stability and love, so I SLEEP!

#DADSRULE > Hopefully women start getting the hint that every emotion a man feels for her is not worn on his sleeve, sometimes it’s in his sleep.  Men love differently than women; sometimes it’s not as obvious as calling you 24 times a day.

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