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Byron Allen Takes Inclusion Fight to Comcast and Al Sharpton


Cool and very paid dad Byron Allen, CEO of Entertainment Studios, is seeking $20 million in a lawsuit against Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Inc. and Reverend Al Sharpton.

The television producer’s complaint alleges that of the $15 million Comcast spends on licensing and advertising, only $3 million of their spend goes to black-owned media.  The lawsuit also accuses Comcast of giving money to Al Sharpton, his National Action Network, NAACP and Urban League to give the appearance of supporting diversity and refusing to share the wealth.

Very interesting! I applaud Allen for stepping up with an aggressive public challenge, even though part of his motives are for his own business.  In my career in media I have witnessed many major companies shift money to the black companies/people/causes that will make the most splash, so the major company appears to be doing the most when it is actually doing the least. It sickens me when there is really enough money to go around, if they would open their pockets for real.  If they would open up, I think they would see that diversity can add value and coin to the picture.

Watch Allen’s interview from CNN:

Read Washington Post article for more info:

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