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Fatherhood Friday New Batman

With all the talk swirling about the next Batman being the former DareDevil, Ben Affleck, we firgured at Daddyscool we would deflect some of the Bruce Wayne hysteria in showing the cool dad in Affleck. Read some of what he has to day about fatherhood.  #FF is the new #FatherhoodFriday

Interruption:  Check out the Twitter frenzy

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program  … #DADsRule

“I think we all like to see ourselves as good dads, but there’s also that fear, ‘Oh, I don’t want to be like my father,’ or, ‘I hope my kid doesn’t turn out like me.’ You know, I have those feelings too. So the key is optimism.” Ben Affleck

“”I love being a father, it’s wonderful. It’s changed my life. All the clichés are true.” Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck and his kids ben affleck.1 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner take their kids to karate class


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