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Fatherhood Friday Smart Move

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Shaka Smart leaves Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to take over the head coaching job at Texas University.  The cool dad and media darling will finally cash in and get all the spoils that come from coaching a big named program.

Should he have waited for a position at a school with a better basketball tradition? Should he have waited one more year to field offers?  Could he have gone to a school who’s fans and athletic director are likely more forgiving to a first year losing season, if that were to occur?

The answer to all these questions are, “maybe.”  As it stands the young coach will make about $18 million.  I know money isn’t everything, but when you have a family and an opportunity like this presents itself, it makes the decision easier to run a fast break to the bank.  Money aside, he had taken VCU as far it it could go and it is time to see what he can do with real resources at his disposal.

I wish Shaka all the success in the world and know he is up to the challenge. #FatherhoodFriday salute! #DadsRule

Manute Bol’s Son to Take his Father’s Game to New Height

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Meet Bol Bol, son of former NBA player Manute Bol.  Bol is more than following the massive footprints of  his 7ft 7in tall (now deceased) dad; this 15 year-old is already 6 ft 10 in and shows the mobility of Kevin Durant.

Bol’s dad died in 2010. The death hit him hard, but became his motivation to focus more on basketball to help get through his loss. He wants to complete his dads dream making it to the NBA, taking care of the people of Sudan but not spending the bulk of his money on the cause like his dad did, rather saving money to take care of himself and his immediate family.

“When people say every game I play is for my dad, it makes me feel good; makes me work harder”

Bol is just getting started.


Video via Bleacher Report

Fatherhood Friday with a Wildcat

Although Villanova got bounced out of the NCAA Tournament before the Sweet Sixteen, we at DaddysCool love their head coach Jay Wright.  We ran across a recent interview in support of Dove Men+Care and got some fathering gems. One thing I am, if nothing else is honest with my kids about my faults and the learning curve that I am in called fatherhood. Happy #FatherhoodFriday


Jay Wright on being a dad:

“If they are new dads get ready because you are not getting any sleep. Then it is an incredible journey. Try to enjoy every minute of it.  Don’tjay-wrights-wife-patty-wright-vuhoops beat yourself up either. Do the best you can as a parent. Be honest with your kids about that.

Being a college coach I want to be at my own kids’ games. Thank God my wife is great at that. You feel guilty when you miss something. You do your best to be at everything. Just communicate that with them. Talk to them. Tell them that you want to be at this game or I won’t be at this game or I made a mistake here, but you mean a lot to me and I want to share things with you. I think the honesty aspect and doing the best you can as a parent is good enough. You will learn that your kids don’t want you to be perfect either. As long as you let them know that you are human and that you are honest with them.”

source: Yahoo Voices (read full article)


CP3 Brings Kids to Signing

Including your kids in your successes is a must. Your kids need to see what you do and understand why and what it means to others, even.  Good teaching points are in everyday life for ordinary dads and extra-ordinary dads.  It was really cool to see Chris Paul with his kids in his lap during his re-signing to a multi-million dollar deal with the Los Angeles Clippers. Look at daddy and his five-year deal worth nearly $108 million.  Wait … Not sure what that teaches, but CP3 is one cool dad. #dadsRule Cheers!


chris paul.kid

Paul during playoffs with son



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