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40 days Without Sex

Maybe you have been been wondering where I have been and why NO posts. Well, I have been starving myself of pizza, porn and sex for lent … 40 days. You would think maybe I would wind up writing more but, on the contrary, it was just the opposite.

Things I learned about myself:

There is power in prayer and I am a strong-willed son of somebody. #DADsRULE

No one I could really talk to about what was going on but God.  I had many conversations with the big guy upstairs as I held on to every hour without those three things.  Since prayer is really just a conversation with God we are friends more than ever now.

You can learn a lot about yourself when you devoid yourself of the things that give you most pleasure LOL-> I learned that I have the will of giants.  To go that long without pizza, that’s a strong willed human, to go without porn that’s the stuff legends are made of, but to go without sex, that’s God-like … pun intended.

The kids were alright.  I thought it would be like Daddy was on his period but actually I was much better than when I am hungry. When I haven’t eaten there is Hell to pay! My kids knew I was observing lent but only knew about the pizza, of course.

How do you deal with adversity when you don’t have those vices to make you feel better? That’s the true test.  The true grade comes with how you are when that period “without” is over. I’m a work in progress everything can’t be under dad’s rule.  Some things are beyond man, especially this man.


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