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Like Tesla Father, Like Tesla Son

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.43.27 PM

Just when you think Tesla has done a great job cornering it’s niche markets for adults they begin a campaign to lock in the little people.  Select Tesla dealers are offering test drives of the Model S for Kids built by Radio Flyer.  Now your kids can be just like his Tesla electric car driving Dad for a mere $500.  The mini Model S is also powered by a lithium-ion battery and tops out at 6 mph.

LEGO! Stay-at-Home Dads Are In


Lego, always on the cutting block of toys, has introduced it’s new modern family.  This week Lego provided a snapshot with a stay-at-home dad complete with baby carriage and professional wife to boot!  I think it is rather cool. What say you?


Check out the new “Lego City” line of figurines.

The set is an attempt by the company to more inclusively represent the modern world, according to

“We need to stay in tune with the world around us,” said LEGO Systems President Soren Torp Laursen.  “We aren’t responding to demand from anyone. We are trying to portray the world around us and listen to our consumer base.”


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