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I’m Tellin’ – Video Makes Us Smile

Let us introduce you to 2KS, they have a summer smash for the kids, we hope. The brother and sister have an infectious tune about telling on one another to mom or dad, and they have the cutest video for the song. I hope it catches fire and burns a hole in the monotonous trash on the radio.

Also in the video is a cameo of two of the Tucker3. Didn’t know the video would turn out this cool when my kids mentioned they would be in a video.

Salute Cool dad and Fit Father, Brian Butler for getting his kids 2KS (Yame and Journey) to step out on the performance limb and tightrope walk it out! #DadsRule


Wale vs. Seinfeld

The two artists cover Complex Magazine’s latest issue. The article foreshadows the release of Wale’s Seinfeld-inspired release. “The Album About Nothing” which features Jerry Seinfeld.

I salute the DMV (DC Metro Virginia) and Wale for representing the area I reside. BUT … Seinfeld is just way cooler. #DadsRule


Pharrell Chooses Wife “Marilyn Monroe” Video


Pharrell Williams is ultimately “Happy” with his wife, Helen Lasichanh, in his new video for the song “Marilyn Monroe.”  A funky song with a cute video that in a round-about way pays homage to his wife and the mother of his son.  Keep Dancing!   #DADsRule!


Justin Timberlake New Single

Check out the Michael Jackson vibe on Timberlake’s latest single.  Nothing really new hear because the King of Pop’s vibe can be felt in a lot of music coming out these days.  Long live MJ! Go in JT! Visit for full experience.



Two bad chicks at the same time!  “We eat wings and throw them bones on the ground.”

jm badu

Happy Born Day Marvin

marvin gaye with his kids


The greatest singer I have ever heard was born on April 2nd.  Singer, Legend, Father … Marvin Gaye. Rest in Paradise.  #DadsRule

“Great Artists Suffer for the People”


Usher Wins Custody in Climax

Entertainer Usher in Family Court


Last we saw videos and pictures of R&B superstar Usher outside of the release of his latest album, he was crying before a judge about the mother of his children striking him, chasing his girlfriend and the overall crazy experience of co-parenting with her.  Now Usher is much happier, recently being granted primary custody of his sons Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond.


Usher and Kids

A few months ago, his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond literally went looking for fight and this time Usher, who initially was only seeking more visitation, came to fight and left with the kids.

Sometimes having the children in one situation is just better than the alternative no matter if it is with the mother or not.  Dad can be as much of a parent as mom. Sometimes what society would have us believe is the best place for a child is not the case at the time. Sometimes the father has to be the caregiver and there is nothing wrong with that.

Speaking from experience, it’s definitely the hardest thing he will ever do but it’s also the most rewarding. Things get more real than ever now, Usher. You have been a parent before but not like this!

Random #DADsRULE – Celebrity dads should be banned from naming their children after themselves. Usher Raymond V … really, that’s like Michael Jordan naming his son Michael Jordan.  We’ll not really.  But that’s just too much pressure on the young boy.


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