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Father of Kevin Durant Foul On The Play


I came across an interesting article on Washington Post about Kevin Durant and his estranged father who abandoned Durant and his family when the Olympian/NBA All Star was one years old. I  know all to well about being abandoned around that age by an unfit mother, in my case. Read this Huffington Post article by my mom.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post piece by Matt Breen on Durant:

Last month, before the U.S. basketball team played an exhibition at Verizon Center, (Wayne) Pratt and Durant got together for lunch in Washington. As Durant took his time to accommodate the inevitable autograph seekers, Pratt stepped aside and marveled at his son.

“It’s never too late to be your kid’s father; it’s never too late,” Pratt said. “You have to try, we all make mistakes. But, you have to get back in there and fight. These young men really need us.” READ MORE


Salute Olympic Dads

By now you have all seen the mom-famous  P&G Best Job commercial by thanking the moms around the world.  I loved it, was touched and commend moms as well.  But it was safe and easy. I wasn’t offended being a single dad but did feel a little left out.  It’s always safe to go with mom.  It would have taken some investigating and more passion to do a commercial on dads.  And I get it P&G, mostly moms buy your products.  I know it’s a numbers game and advertising is about that.

But in my opinion with a stage like the Olympics it was the perfect time to do something different.  So we at daddyscool #SaluteDad

Yin Alvarez Stepdad and coach of Olympic bronze medalist in the all around London 2012, gymnast  Danell Leyva. Alveraz handed out a lot of kisses to his son showing how the bound between step parents and children can grow.

While Danell’s mom thought he was too round and weird shaped and that his asthma would prevent him from being a gynmast, his stepdad molded him into a Olympic athlete. #SaluteDad

Also being a cool dad I have to salute Steve Lochte, a swim coach and father of the cool Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte. Steve coached up two awesome swimmers, one of which never made it to the Olympics because he started selling weed, but being a dad is dealing with the good and bad.  #SaluteDad.
I’ll add more or just hip me to more Olympic dads. In the meantime I salute you for reading. #DadsRule

Papa Jay-Z Get 2 New Commercials

I guess being a dad can soften an image and believe me that’s a great thing. People used to think I was mean and now they see me with my kids and say, “maybe he is not AS mean.”

New dad and softened hip hop icon Jay-Z has been popping up here and there in commercials getting his endorsement weight up.  Here are two commercials that use him brilliantly.


The first is Duracell Powermat; note the phone call from “B” Beyonce near the end of the commercial > Cute nod.

Budweiser “Made in America” series.


Free Computer Training DC Youth


Byte Back, a DC-based non-profit computer training organization, is offering a FREE, four-day Summer Youth Technology Sampler next week for young DC adults ages 17-21.  The deadline to register is Friday.  This program gives young adults a taste of careers in the IT field, and professions that make extensive use of technology:  Web Design, Graphic Design, Computer Repair and Database Administration.  They will also learn intermediate skills in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Those who complete the four-day program will receive a free computer, an internet modem, and one year of free internet service.

Training will take place Monday July 23 to Thursday July 26 between 12:30 and 6:00 PM at four DC public libraries:

Bellevue (115 Atlantic St SW)

Capitol View (5001 Central Av SE)

Francis Gregory (3660 Alabama Av SE)

Woodridge (1801 Hamlin St NE)

Call Byte Back at (202)529-3395 to make an appointment to come in and register.  You must register in-person.  The deadline to register is Friday, July 20.  Contact is Tasiyiwa Mapondera, Byte Back Director of Programs, telephone 529-3395,

Toys R Us Kids STAND UP

Don't grow up. It's a trap.

I wanted to write something to go along with this. No need.  You get the picture.    #DADsRULE

Go Karts – Summer To Do

I decided to get out of the city and travel to White Marsh for the Baltimore Go Karts. We drove the 2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid about one hour to Baltimore. The go-karts would be my kids’ first time driving outside of a little motorized Caddy Escalade or in a game at the arcade.

Needless to say, there was lots of bumping (which is against the rules) and a crash after the final lap when Michal ignored me screaming, “BRAKE!!” She slammed into a parked go kart containing Nya.  No injuries, just laughs.

Cost: $6:50 per ride and kids can ride alone in Junior karts on a “Junior” track but my kids were tall enough for the “Fast” track. Worth it.

Arin the car junky of the group drove very well. He was focused.

Michal (The Brakeless One) was already pressing the gas before she was given the cue.

Nya was fast and reckless but not at all wreck-less. She kept waving at daddy and losing control into the barriers.  She had fun.

Got the kids a couple snow cones and we were back down 295 before traffic started.

Park Hopping- Summer To Do

Park hopping is something I like to do with the kids.  It’s great and usually free!  Pack a lunch and plenty of waters.  We checked out a two acre colorful wonderland of monkey bars swings and slides called Clemyjontri Park in Fairfax, VA, roughly 15 min from DC.   A scenic drive through George Washington Memorial Parkway.


Other than the heat the kids enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the umbrellaed area for daddies to chill in the shade while the kids ran the track or the schoolhouse maze. There is also a little trail in the pseudo woods that is shaded and quite short but a trek through woods none the less.  There is also a cool huge carousel in the middle of the park which costs $1.75 per ride.


Arin’s best muscle flex in the trick mirror.

Arin driving the car trying to hardest to dodge pedestrian, Michal Zoe … or hit her. I’m not sure.


Father’s Friday on Twitter – #FF

It’s official the new #FF is  Father’s Friday on Twitter.  Happy Tweeting.  Father’s Day Weekend!


Kicks Powered By Volkswagen

My son Arin got a chance to play soccer at the DC United’s practice field at RFK stadium and kick it with some United players yesterday.  It was a fun little soccer tournament that even included a moon bounce in which the kids played soccer inside. Crazy!

Special thanks to Arin’s school KippDC

Jamie Foxx in New Tarrantino Film

I don’t know whether to laugh or be slightly offended. A blaxploitation movie about slavery. I’ll probably just go see it.

You have to watch the trailer to even think you remotely understand what I am talking about. Only from the mind of Quentin Tarrantino … Django Unchained.

Justin Bieber Boxing with Mike Tyson

Because my son likes Justin Bieber and i recently force fed him Mike Tucker … excuse me, Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts on YouTube. This is for Arin (6) >>> The best of both worlds. Bieber going to work on the punching bag with Tyson training.

Good work, Beibs.  Now you can release that new album … a sucker punch to dads far and wide.

And what do you know THIS JUST IN > Justin roughs up papparazzi over girlfriend. 

Ease up, champ.

2nd Grader Starts Book Club at School

You have to love Michal Zoe’s initiative; my second grader has started her own book club!

At one point during the school year she was invited to join a group of second and third graders in a small book club at her school.  She was so excited she was reading on such a high level to be chosen and loved the idea of not having lunch with her classmates but lunch and book talk elsewhere. Well, that idea could not be upheld by the teacher’s busy schedule and the book club ended.

Soon Michal talked to me about how she missed it and how she wished she could do her own.  I told her that was a great idea and to do it. My idea was over the summer but her thoughts were more immediate, as they ALWAYS are.  She went directly to her vice principal and set the ball in motion. She was going to invite anyone interested to attend, then she got specific and created a list to give the flyer/invites.  Not my suggestion but definitely how daddy would have done it.

Check out the flyer daddy created for her. That little girl inspires me, she is a go-getter.


Twins Take Stage at the Warner Theatre in DC

 I was recently treated to one of my proudest moments as a parent yet when my twins, Arin and Nya, were one of the few KIPP DC students chosen to perform in front of a sold out crowd at the legendary Warner Theatre.   KIPP celebrated their 10-yr anniversary in grand style showcasing their best performing ensembles from their nine schools in the District of Columbia. The show contain everything from a drumline and an orchestra to tango dancing.  Not to mention Arin and Nya singing! It was an awesome show. Forever Forward >>> KIPP.  Gosh, I love this school.

Arin excited about taking the BIG stage

The kids and daddy

Sketches of Daddy

Michal’s Art of Daddy

During a recent meeting where I gave a presentation to the community, my 7-year old daughter was watching me at the podium and decided to sketch me.  She was proud of her daddy.  It warmed my heart. Very cute.



RIP to a two music legends Chuck Brown (GodFather of Go-Go) and Disco Queen Donna Summer. Heaven is getting their grove on today and forever. #Respect.


Now this is funky … REST IN BEATS to the Beastie Boy MCA

40 days Without Sex

Maybe you have been been wondering where I have been and why NO posts. Well, I have been starving myself of pizza, porn and sex for lent … 40 days. You would think maybe I would wind up writing more but, on the contrary, it was just the opposite.

Things I learned about myself:

There is power in prayer and I am a strong-willed son of somebody. #DADsRULE

No one I could really talk to about what was going on but God.  I had many conversations with the big guy upstairs as I held on to every hour without those three things.  Since prayer is really just a conversation with God we are friends more than ever now.

You can learn a lot about yourself when you devoid yourself of the things that give you most pleasure LOL-> I learned that I have the will of giants.  To go that long without pizza, that’s a strong willed human, to go without porn that’s the stuff legends are made of, but to go without sex, that’s God-like … pun intended.

The kids were alright.  I thought it would be like Daddy was on his period but actually I was much better than when I am hungry. When I haven’t eaten there is Hell to pay! My kids knew I was observing lent but only knew about the pizza, of course.

How do you deal with adversity when you don’t have those vices to make you feel better? That’s the true test.  The true grade comes with how you are when that period “without” is over. I’m a work in progress everything can’t be under dad’s rule.  Some things are beyond man, especially this man.


Everybody Needs Love Missing Marvin

Took a break from my hiatus to show some love to my all-time favorite artist, a style icon and Washington, DC native.  Probably the greatest singer, songwriter, producer and arranger to ever to touch a mic, The Prince of Soul MARVIN GAYE. Three-octave range, killer concept albums, thrilling stage presence and a persona that outweighed his voice … the dude!

Born April 2, 1939  and taken away April 1, 1984. The father of three children. #DADsRule #RESPECT

“Time will heal all wounds but we have to live right to get to time”


Who’s The Boss

I know I will probably get my tail handed to me for not recognizing the boss before now with it being Women’s History Month but here goes …

Fierce before Sasha

Eccentrically cool before Lauryn

Diana Ross kicked in door like none before.  #RESPECT

Men are More Romantic Than Women

One of my favorite new movies is Blue Valentine.  The Academy Awards may have bypassed it this year but you shouldn’t.  A great quote about men and women views on getting married.

I feel like men are more romantic than women. When we get married we marry, like, one girl, ’cause we’re resistant the whole way until we meet one girl and we think I’d be an idiot if I didn’t marry this girl she’s so great. But it seems like girls get to a place where they just kinda pick the best option… ‘Oh he’s got a good job.’ I mean they spend their whole life looking for Prince Charming and then they marry the guy who’s got a good job and is gonna stick around.

Women need to feel secure. #DADsRule

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