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Kids Love Orange Soda Chicken


orange soda4


This is one of my kids favorite dishes.  Simple and delicious.  I prefer Diet soda because it makes the chicken less messy and takes the sugar count down about 25+ grams making it better healthwise for the kiddies.  I don’t allow the kids soda in the house, so this is as close as they get, usually.  Toss the leftovers in the freezer for those days you don’t have time to cook.  #dadsrule

1.)  Soak the chicken in water and a little vinegar to clean chicken.  Season chicken with salt, pepper and adobo seasoning (optional).

orange soda 1

2.) Heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in pan. Slighty brown the chicken on all sides. Move to large pot.

orange soda 5

3.)  Add orange soda until chicken is covered, pour in 2 cups of barbeque sauce. Bring to boil. Then cover and cook on low for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally.  It will fall off the bone good and sweet. 

orange soda 2orange soda 3


Grocery List

Pack of Chicken Legs

Adobo Seasoning (optional)

Salt and cracked pepper

2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Diet Orange Soda

16oz/2 cups of Barbeque Sauce


Garlicky Cauliflower Mash


Garlicky Cauliflower Mash

Here is a LOW CARB  and LOW FAT replacement for mashed potatoes in 20 minutes.   Quick and easy. All veggie and the KIDS LOVED IT! #dadsrule

1.) Break or cut the cauliflower into floret sized pieces. Smash and peel garlic. Place garlic and cauliflower in a steamer basket over boiling water, cover and steam until very tender, 15 minutes.

2.) Immediately place the hot cauliflower and garlic in a blender or food processor. Add Almond milk, 2 teaspoons oil, smart butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper; pulse several times, then process until smooth and creamy.



3.) Transfer to a serving bowl. Stir in a little more cream cheese, if desired. Serve hot.  Great out of the microwave days later.   Thank me now.

NOTE: You can also delete the cream cheese and add real chives and it is almost as good … but much more healthy;)

Grocery List

1 head of Cauliflower

4 cloves of Garlic

1/3 cup Almond Milk

1 Tbsp Smart Butter

1 Tbsp Whipped Cream Cheese with Chives

Salt and cracked pepper

2 Tsp of Olive Oil

7 Eleven Day Free Slurpies

Today is the day! Free slurpies and this year they are BIGGER!  Instead of going with a 7.11-ounce free Slurpee as it has in the past, this year 7-Eleven is simply giving out Slurpees in its usual Small size: 12 ounces.

Grab the kids and thank heaven for 7/11 … and 7-Eleven. 



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