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Chick-fil-A Takes Cellphones to Bring Families Closer

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.31.50 AM

The “Cell Phone Coop,” which started on a small level as the brainchild of Chick-fil-A franchise owner Brad Williams, has now spread to 150 locations nationwide. It is a challenge to families to put away their electronic devices and connect with one another over dinner. Each meal comes with a box that the family members drop their phones into and in return get a free item off the menu and hopefully a little closer when all is said and eaten.

Brilliant! Chico-Fil-A is always pushing the envelope in a good way. Love it!

New Ghostbusters Trailer is a Bust

The new Ghostbusters trailer is out and it looks pretty lame. I was excited about the all female cast chasing ghosts but after seeing this, not so much. Check it out.

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