Fatherhood Friday Superhero Dads

There is something within us as men that makes us want to be heroes. We want to save the day. It’s apart of manhood. We grow up imagining we are the superhero, trying to be the star athlete or student. And as we get older it is less obvious or less intentional to those watching us but it is still there.

When we become a father, we become a superhero. Our kids look up to us figuratively and literally. They look to us to provide, teach and protect them from everything that scares them. Without costumes, a tool belt or mutagen, we have all the tools to be a superhero dad. Just hang out with your kids and see your power grow!IMG_3702.JPG

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  1. Anonymous

    I love your writing voice and your wisdom. Blessings Galore! #HopeIsContagious

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