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Pinkalicious Musical Review by Michal Zoe

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by Michal Zoe Tucker

Recently, I went to the Adventure Theater Musical Theater Center (ATMTC) located in Glen Echo Park, Maryland with my father and sister to see a musical for the book Pinkalicious, written by Elizabeth Kann. This was my third time going to ATMTC. The first time I saw the musical Three little Birds, based on the song by Bob Marley.  The second time,  I saw the musical/play “Big Nate,” based on one of the books in the Big Nate series by author Lincoln Pierce, who I met at the theater after the show.

The Pinkalicious musical started off with Pinkalicious wanting to eat a cupcake, but her mom didn’t let her and told her to go to bed. The next morning she asked for another cupcake and she couldn’t get one, so a few nights later she snuck to eat a bunch of cupcakes. In the morning, her brother, Peter, woke her up and screamed that she was pink. Her mom took her to the doctors and they said she had “pinkatidis.” And the only way to cure it was to eat green food, and Pinkalicious hated green food!  So, instead of eating vegetables she snuck another cupcake, and when she woke up the next morning she was red.  Later on in the musical, Pinkalicious finally ate green food and turned back to her normal self with the help of her brother Peter. My favorite part was when she went to sleep and there were pink cupcake puppets moving around her head representing her dreams. When we walked out the theater, we got to try on some of the Pinkalicious costumes. Also my dad bought my sister and I a gold crown from the little merchandise store at the front window. It was very fun!

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Fatherhood Friday Ray Donovan

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Today we are rolling with Liev Schreiber, Hollywood fixer in the hit Showtime series Ray Donovan (Season 2). The actor makes his kids a priority and celebrating fathers like that is what Fatherhood Friday is all about.  He has two sons with longtime partner actress Naomi Watts — 6-year-old Sasha and 5-year-old Samuel.

“It’s amazing how insignificant everything else becomes,” Schreiber said of his fatherhood. “It sounds romantic. But the reality is that you go brain-dead for 2 ½, 3 years and slowly return to the world. … You kind of lose all ambition.” – Liev Schreiber


Earth to Echo Review me

I forgot to post a review about the Earth to Echo screening. SO here it goes …

The movie about highway construction forcing families to move and young friends to separate, finds four young friends on a sci-fi adventure when they find a cute little alien robot trying to get home.  My kids loved the movie! It was humorous without forced jokes and the movie had a nice flow to it.  As the adult, I found it mildly entertaining. The script lacked originality and substance.  Films like E.T. and the other 80’s  kids sci-fi films seemed to connect with the audiences more, because the movies relied more on the writing. But I am probably over thinking it because I was excited about this movie believing it would take me back those feelings I get from my childhood films. No dice.  But the bottom line is the kids loved it and the movie was devoid of adult themes etc.  Earth to Echo is a good family flick. Check it out.

Tim Howard: World Cup Cool Dad

With a tattoo of Jesus on his bicep and his son, Jacob and daughter, Alivia, over his heart, Tim Howard may be the coolest dad to be bounced out of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Adding to his awesomeness, the USA goalie was flying in every direction in front of the net to  a count of 16 saves, more saves than ever recorded since the stat has been around.

Tim Howard, your country salutes you and most importantly, Daddy’s Cool salutes you!  You are a historic soccer hero now.  Go home and kick it with your kids.  #DadsRule

tim howard kids


 “The most important thing in my life is Christ. He’s more important to me than winning or losing or whether I’m playing or not. Everything else is just a bonus.” – Tim Howard

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