Bomani Jones Sets the Record Straight on Donald Sterling

Heard this on talk radio this morning. Below is some real talk from ESPN writer Bomani Jones on LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling before his recorded slip of the tongue.  Jones wrote an article eight years ago about Sterling that got very little exposure at the time.  Now it speaks volumes on how Sterling’s actions spoke much louder than his words ever would.

Personally, I was not as offended by the remarks as most I have heard.   A lot of people feel the way Sterling does, I just know it.  But it is a great moment for everyone to get on their soapbox and talk about racism. I don’t know what it will change but the discussion is the first step in acknowledging it is still a problem.  What needs to change are people’s heart’s. How do we change people’s hearts?

Listen to the whole interview.

Cool Talk-Back, Please

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