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Man of Change Wayne Brady

waynedaughter1BET recently celebrated “ICON MANN of Change” for Black History Month. Each of the 28 days of the month in February, they featured various men of color in short videos about how they affect change.  As of Fatherhood Friday, you can review them all.

One of the videos stood out for me was of Wayne Brady.  Here are some of his own words and then the short video follows.

“My life changed on Feb. 3, 2003.  That was the day my daughter, Maile, was born, and everything snapped into focus. I thought, “I’ve been blessed with this beautiful baby with all of her fingers and toes and her mental faculties. I need to help other parents who are dealing with different situations. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t take care of my little one.”

Brady took it upon himself to start working with the Ronald McDonald House. Check out his video, it addresses fatherhood, his shy childhood and giving back.



Told my kids their one word job description is #OBEY as a child of God mine is the same. #DadsRule #fatherhood #Godtoo

Fatherhood Friday Silver Linings Dad

Maybe you have seen a little film called Silver Linings Playbook.  Maybe you even liked it. What you may not know is that the DeSean Jackson-crazed Philly family in the movie was following a different player in the novel.  In the book the film was based on, it was Eagles’ wide receiver Hank Baskett’s  jersey the main character Pat wore.

Well, we came across some great quotes from Baskett on fatherhood friday.  Baskett is the star of the reality show, “Kendra On Top,” on which he shares his life and relationship with his Playboy bunny wife with viewers.  I don’t watch the show, but to be honest, I didn’t remember him as an NFL wide receiver either.  I will remember him for these quotes.  #DadsRule #FatherhoodFriday


Hank and Hank Jr.

“Being a dad doesn’t just mean being strong, masculine, and tough. It’s also about knowing how to love.” – Hank Baskett

A dad is a … “Role model. A child should never have to look outside his own home to find one.” – Hank Baskett

First Lady Video Celebrates 4 Years of Let’s Move

First Lady Michelle Obama put out a video today recognizing the 4th anniversary of her “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity initiative.  She shows off some of her moves and sends out a direct challenge to show her how YOU move.   The video is a call to action to exercise, take photos and tag social media with #LetsMove.

Dads let’s get moving! And when you connect with your children do something active like walk or chase them around the house LOL … #DADsRule

Olympic Dad Skier Wins Gold


 In a field crowded with young freespirited high-flying half pipe skiers, American freestyle skier David Wise has stood out for some time now. Not dave west daughter pop outbecause he is one of the best, but because of his wife and kid.  Even though he took home a gold medal in the SoChi Winter Olympics last night, what impressed most was the mature 23 year-olds outlook on life and fatherhood.  Wise is husband and father of a 2 year old, Nayeli, who’s face could be seen on a pop out sign held by his wife cheering him on.

‘‘I can go and ski my heart out, but that doesn’t necessarily define who I am,’’ he said. ‘‘Being a good husband and father is more important.  I can have passion with both things and it provides balance.’’

Multi-tasking taking care of business on the slopes and at home, David Wise has medalled in life. Lame … maybe … but DadsRULE!

david wise

DadsRule Quote


Fathers please teach your sons how to dress properly for interviews. If you don’t, they’ll be living at your address a lot longer.


Thanks Silas Dobbins.


Black Fathers Doing More Parenting


While President Obama and many others are calling for a state of emergency on Black fathers, things are not as bleak as the media would have you think.

According to a recent report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, black fathers spend more time rearing their children than white and Hispanic fathers.

In the study 70 percent of Black fathers were most likely to have bathed, dressed, diapered or helped their children use the toilet every day compared with 60 percent of white fathers and 45 percent of Hispanic fathers.

A higher percentage of black fathers spent more time driving their kids to activities than white fathers and more black fathers helped their children with homework every day compared with Hispanic dads and white ones.

Now I am not saying Black fathers should ease up or take fatherhood any less lightly.  It’s just good to know that Black fathers are on the right track.  Just thought we would share.  #DadsRule #FatherhoodFriday

2014 Acura MDX – Daddy’s Coolest Ride

The 2014 Acura MDX happens to be my three children’s favorite vehicle.  My kids attend the DC Auto Show every year and have ridden in over one hundred vehicles with their daddy being an automotive journalist, so this is really saying something.


2014 Acura MDX

2014 Acura MDX AWD Adv Ent

First Impression

To be honest I wasn’t expecting the earth to shift in the 2014 Acura MDX.  For years, I have been underwhelmed by Acura, and it had not been too long since I was cruising the town in an unimpressive 2013 Acura RDX.  A change would soon come.

When I caught a glimpse of the MDX parked in my driveway, I immediately took note of its new styling. It seemed larger, more curvaceous and more appealing to the eye.


What’s Inside That Counts 

The interior is warm and inviting. Everything is within arms reach and the interface, although high-tech, is user-friendly.2014 MDX Interior

The seats are comfy and yet provide the support needed for long rides.  Long rides are a pleasure in so many ways, from the driver’s experience to each of the passenger’s.

The driver seatbelt can get a little touchy feely, though.  Literally.  Sudden movement or change in driving conditions trigger the seatbelt to compress to your body.  The seatbelt’s automatic tension mechanism gently pushes the driver against the seat like a dad would hug his child during an intense moment on a roller coaster.  It’s subtle, while confidently reassuring that you are protected.


The Ride

photo 1

Arin and “A” for Acura

The steering in the MDX is very smooth and reactive. It drives like a car and for my young three passengers it feels like a movie theater on wheels.  Acceleration impressed me. Multiple modes, including Sport mode, made the 325 horsepower speed very accessible and the change in mode also altered suspension and feel for the road.  The MDX has a good feel for the road, it was treat zipping in and out of traffic.


Kids Say

This was the best vehicle you have had.  This is my favorite, because it had a TV, it was fast and it had a lot of room.   It had cool sign (emblem) on the front and Acura starts with the first letter of my name. – Arin T. (8)

It was really fun to ride in. The different, longer TV was nice! And I can sit in the back. I love the three rows.  – Nya T. (8)


The Cool

photo 3

Michal letting herself out of third row.

The MDX is great for a family of multiples.  Three rows of seating and a push button motorized release helps third row passengers let themselves out. I am trying to teach independence around here, so the kids that sat in the back were on their own and fine with that.

Things unique to the MDX experience, include a Widescreen panel TV in the ceiling with HDMI and 115-Volt outlet to allow high-definition quality for the rear passengers with enough juice to power a laptop or gaming system.

Everything came standard with no additional cost to the buyer with the Advance Entertainment package I tested. This is how purchasing a luxury vehicle should be; start at one price and get everything you want and more, without having to pay more.

Other features included blind spot monitoring to voice recognition navigation and ventilated seats to remote engine start.

photo 4

Widescreen movie showing XMEN

Multi-view rear camera is a plus.  It allows three different angle you would otherwise miss using your mirrors. This is useful parallel parking, noticing approaching vehicles and the occasional oblivious child or their many accessories close by.


Last Words

Acura started the luxury SUV with third row seating when it introduced the MDX years ago.  In 2014, the MDX’s competition is much stiffer with sexier offerings by Infiniti, BMW and others, but Acura ignores competitors for its own path. The 2014 Acura MDX is a stylish family road warrior with luxury appeal that never feels stuffy.  The MDX is comfortable, approachable and all-in-all more fun to be around.



photo 2

2014 Acura MDX AWD Adv Ent

Price Tag: $56,505 base ($57,400 tested)

Power: 3.5L Direct Injection V6 Cylinder 325 horsepower

Transmission: 6-speed Automatic with Sequential SportShift

Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive

Fuel Economy (mpg): 18-city/ 27-hwy

Massive Child Seat Recall

graco safety

Graco is voluntarily recalling 3.8 million child safety seats from 2009-2013.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says Graco is complying with their recommendation to recall 11 of 18 model seats.

The recall includes the following models:

  • Toddler Convertible Car Seats: Cozy Cline, Comfort Sport, Classic Ride 50, My Ride 65, My Ride 70, My Ride 65 with Safety Surround, Size4Me 70, My Size 70, Head Wise 70, Smart Seat
  • Harnessed Booster Seats: Nautilus 3-in-1, Nautilus Elite and Argos
  • Note:  All Graco SnugRide infant car seats are excluded from this recall.

The reason is the red release button in the center of the harness, can become hard to unlock and jammed in some cases.  One would agree that would  make it difficult or impossible to remove the child quickly in an emergency, as NHTSA suggests. 


Graco is offering a “new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected customers at no cost.” People can obtain one by calling 800-345-4109 or emailing


As a dad of three I remember the days of car seats with harnesses and how messy they would get.  The new design allows for less chance of the harness getting stuck but parents should still do their part to clean buckles of food and etc.


According to Graco Baby:

As part of our continuous product testing and improvement process, Graco identified that food and dried liquids can make some harness buckles progressively more difficult to open over time or become stuck in the latched position. Therefore, we have decided to conduct a voluntary recall on the harness buckles used on all toddler convertible car seats and harnessed booster seats manufactured from 2009 to July 2013.

As a solution, Graco offers a new and improved replacement harness buckle to affected consumers at no cost. Graco would like to stress this does not in any way affect the performance of the car seat or the effectiveness of the buckle to restrain the child. We encourage all consumers who are experiencing difficulty with their harness buckles to contact our customer service team at 800-345-4109 or

For more information on this recall including a list of affected models and photos of the original and new harness buckles, please go to

Fatherhood Friday Bob Marley from Daughter



Cedella Marley is Bob Marley’s eldest child and in celebration of Bob Marley’s recent birthday, it seemed like a cool thing to hear from his daughter about him as a cool dad.  Interesting insight into the music legend.  One Love  #FatherhoodFriday

Excerpts from an interview with Cedella with BBC News Magazine:

He was a cool dad, as cool as they come.

If he was in town he would always be the one that would come and pick us up from school, take us to the beach. We’d go running, swimming. He was very competitive, a work-out fanatic.  Whenever he would come and pick us up from school, I would walk out with my chest up and my nose in the air.  I was like, “That’s my dad.” He was the sexiest dad in prep school. I was proud of my dad. 

He was very strict about our schoolwork. We went to Catholic schools. It was very funny for people who would say, “Your father is such a Rastafarian.” And I was, “Yeah and he sent us to Catholic schools!”

I wouldn’t say he was a cuddly dad, but he was fun. He was funny – he would always try and make you laugh.”

He wrote songs, hanging around, and it was fun to watch him too. It was kind of casual, if we were sitting back watching tv, he’d have his guitar.

Music was important in our childhood. It wasn’t something that we had to do. My father’s attitude was, “If you want to do it you can do it, but if want to do it you’re going to have to be great at it.”

He was a perfectionist – it had to be perfect.

He said: “If my life is just for me then I don’t want it.”

But I know what he meant. If you can’t do something that would help to bring about change, then what are you living for? Even though our time was short, he was a great person to have as a father.


Read more at BBC 


Also if you can make it to NYC check out … the NY Off-Broadway Premiere of Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds at the New Victory Theatre February 7-23, 2013 after a local run at the recently completed Bowie State Fine and Performing Arts Center in January, 2014. Three Little Birds premiered at Adventure Theatre MTC in March 2013 and is based on the book by Cedella Marley with music & lyrics by reggae legend Bob Marley, and enjoyed a well-received run earlier this season. Ticket information for the season is at available at and at (646) 223-3010.

Daddycool review of the play – We saw it first!




25 Things Daughters Wish Daddy Knew

A funny thing happened to Tara Hedman, a mental health counselor, as she sat in an auto repair shop watching a daddy play with his daughter.  She began tofather_daughter think about what that time meant to that young child.  What would that little girl say if she could lay out all the questions and give her dad a road map of what to do and say?  Hedman wrote a blog about it on Huffington Post and this is what she came up with …

“So, to all the daddies with little girls who aren’t old enough yet to ask for what they need from you, here is what we wish you knew:

1. How you love me is how I will love myself.

2. Ask how I am feeling and listen to my answer, I need to know you value me before I can understand my true value.

3. I learn how I should be treated by how you treat my mom, whether you are married to her or not.

4. If you are angry with me, I feel it even if I don’t understand it, so talk to me.

5. Every time you show grace to me or someone else, I learn to trust God a little more.

6. I need to experience your nurturing physical strength, so I learn to trust the physicality of men.

7. Please don’t talk about sex like a teenage boy, or I think it’s something dirty.

8. When your tone is gentle, I understand what you are saying much better.

9. How you talk about female bodies when you’re “just joking” is what I believe about my own.

10. How you handle my heart, is how I will allow it to be handled by others.

11. If you encourage me to find what brings joy, I will always seek it.

12. If you teach me what safe feels like when I’m with you, I will know better how to guard myself from men who are not.

13. Teach me a love of art, science, and nature, and I will learn that intellect matters more than dress size.

14. Let me say exactly what I want even if it’s wrong or silly, because I need to know having a strong voice is acceptable to you.

15. When I get older, if you seem afraid of my changing body, I will believe something is wrong with it.

16. If you understand contentment for yourself, so will I.

17. When I ask you to let go, please remain available; I will always come back and need you if you do.

18. If you demonstrate tenderness, I learn to embrace my own vulnerability rather than fear it.

19. When you let me help fix the car and paint the house, I will believe I can do anything a boy can do.

20. When you protect my femininity, I learn everything about me is worthy of protecting.

21. How you treat our dog when you think I’m not watching tells me more about you than does just about anything else.

22. Don’t let money be everything, or I learn not to respect it or you.

23. Hug, hold, and kiss me in all the ways a daddy does that are right and good and pure. I need it so much to understand healthy touch.

24. Please don’t lie, because I believe what you say.

25. Don’t avoid hard conversations, because it makes me believe I’m not worth fighting for.”

Good to hear a daughter’s perspective. Read the full blog on HuffPost >># DadsRule

Best Super Bowl Commercial 2014

For cool dads around the universe, Hyundai gets my vote for best Super Bowl Commercial 2014. Their “Dad’s Sixth Sense” spot showing off the  auto emergency brake feature in the all new Hyundai Genesis was dad approved.  At first watch I thought the dad was looking at the young girl but after watching again not looking for a funny punchline, I got the message.  It was cool to see a company marketing a car through its features as opposed to  targeting a type of driver.  This tell a cute story of a dad as the hero. And well Hyundai … dad is always the hero:) Kudos. #DadsRule


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