DC Event: Man Up

MAN UP! LEADERSHIP BOOTCAMP hits the DC area this Saturday. Don’t miss it. Sign your young men up today. 

The Man Up! Leadership Bootcamp is a powerful workshop that provides young men (ages 13 – 21) with a unique learning experience that equips them with the skills necessary to be effective leaders, successful students, and productive citizens in their communities.  For more information visit

Facilitated by leadership consultant Mike Powell (The Powell Consulting Group, Inc.), community activists Silas Grant (Chairman Ward 5 Democrats) and Ed Fisher (Chief of Staff Ward 7 DC. City Council), the Man Up! Leadership Bootcamp helps young men develop the leadership skills necessary to solve complex “real-world” problems and thrive in challenging environments.

At the end of this course students will:

  • Practice effective communication skills;
  • Learn effective conflict resolution skills;
  • Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T Goals;
  • Examine the traits of good leaders;
  • Create their personal brand;
  • Understand how diversity impacts individual and group dynamics;
  • Understand why leaders must have a vision



For the past 5 years components of The Man Up! Leadership Bootcamp have been delivered to a variety of agencies, universities and non-profit organizations, including D.C College Access Program (DCCAP), Hampton University William R. Harvey Leadership Fellows Program, The Lifting As We Climb Foundation, Inc.,  Presidential Management Fellows at the Social Security Administration, and the Capitol Hill Boys Club.

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