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Fatherhood Friday with Russell Simmons

simmons4 Today we look towards Russell Simmons, a consummate entrepreneur, entertainment mogul, co-parent and father to Aoki and Ming Simmons. Uncle Rush!


“The greatest or at least one of the greatest contributions you can make to humanity is to be a good dad to your children.  YOUR WHOLE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THEM.  If it’s not true, make it true, it’s never too late. Start now!” – Russell Simmons


#FatherhoodFriday is the new #FF


Adrian Peterson and son On the Job

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.13.01 AMNFL All Star running back, Adrian Peterson and son sharing a moment at practice.

Work Hard, Father Harder!

#DadsRule All Day!

DC Family TO DO Weekend 9-21

Lots of great things to do with the family this weekend in the DC Metropolitan Area.  All these events are FREE, perfect for the family on the go and on budget.


1.)  NATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL  –  Saturday Sept. 21  10am – 5:30pm and Sunday, Sept. 22 Noon-5:30pm

A must for my family every year.  Authors , activities and books on the National Mall.





2.) National Museum Building BIG BUILD – Saturday, Sept. 21 10am -4pm

Hands-on Family Festival of Tools, Trucks, and Construction





3.)  H STREET FESTIVAL  – Saturday, Sept. 21  Noon-7pm

The festival will feature over 50 artists and 80 performances on 10 stages accompanied by an array of local, regional and international cuisine, shopping, arts exhibits, educational events, seminars and conversations with local entrepreneurs, artists and community organizations spanning 10 blocks of H Street NE.





4.)  BROOKLAND ARTS & FAMILY DAY – Saturday, Sept. 21

Free dance classes for adults and kids all day.  Check out schedule in link above.


Fatherhood Friday Chris Rock

Dad’s get little respect.  Take it from Chris Rock, the proud father of two daughters.  #FatherhoodFriday is the new #FF

chris rock1


“Nobody ever says, ‘Hey daddy, thanks for knockin’ out this rent.’ ‘Hey daddy, I sure love this hot water.’ ‘Hey daddy, it’s easy to read with all this light.’ Nobody give a fk about dads!” – Chris Rock

“My relationship with my daughter is gonna affect her relationship with men for the rest of her life… Sometimes I’m walking with my daughter. I’m pushing her in the stroller, and sometimes I just pick her up and stare at her, and I realize, my only job in life is to keep her off the pole.” – Chris Rock
Read more: Father Quotes Comics – The Best Fatherhood Advice (from Comedians) – Esquire

Premiere of DreamWorks' "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" - Arrivals

DC Race 4 Every Child Oct. 5

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 9.35.56 AM


My twins , now 7, were born premature and Children’s Medical Center was vital to their development.  Saturday, October 5th, we give back.  Calling Fathers, sons, daughters and families join DaddysCool and Fit Fathers for a 5k Race for Every Child.  The event will help fund specialized medical care, research into childhood diseases, and important wellness and preventive services to keep all children healthy through supporting Children’s National Medical Center.

DaddysCool will be out there running and included is a dash for kids 10 – Under, so the kids can be apart of it.  My son, Arin, one of the aforementioned preemies will be running.

Join the Hyundai Hope On Wheels team t for this high-profile DC-area family fun run/walk to raise awareness of Pediatric Cancer. Sign up today for the #Race4EveryChild 5K by joining our team. Please select “join a team” and choose “Hyundai Hope On Wheels” under the “corporate” menu. 

We are looking forward to seeing you out there!

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Cadillac All Americans




I recently had the pleasure of wining and dining two of Cadillac’s top prospects, the 2013 XTS and ATS.  These two blue chippers are can’t miss players from team Cadillac with handcrafted cut and sewn leather inside and money door handles on the exterior that glow at night.  Cadillac is running it’s brand in a new direction and it’s a direction the cool kids can cheer.caddy 2

Both in design and features, Cadillac sidesteps its pocket-passer boring image and steps into a pistol offense style that will confuse competitors. These are versatile vehicles that can do it all. They look great on the street and perform wonderfully on the road. They can handle hostile environments such as choppy road, changing weather conditions and jealous haters all while providing the driver a smile of satisfaction.

The ATS cockpit is a comfy and snug fit.  It’s like a sliding into fresh pair of retro Jordan 3s; it just feels right.  It’s a bold move forward as I noticed nods to the Mercedes-Benz interior as well.

The XTS, on the other hand, has the X-factor inside, which is space.  More interior space for the driver to lean the seat back in luxury and still have room for his or her team and  all their luggage.



Across the board the heart of these vehicles’ coolness is the Cadillac User Experience, which is Caddy’s infotainment system better known as CUE.  Cadillac has devised its own way of calling plays in big game situations.  The 8-inch touch screen that provides access to the CUE stretches the imagination of the user experience. Literally, you can stretch, pinch and scroll like you do on an iPhone. When you are on the road you need to be able to interface with all your devices and all the things your car can do for you.

Cadillac’s new direction is based around technology and the user experience.  All digital, everything!  Check your speed in the digital display on the driver’s window and never take your eyes off the road.  And if you must look at the dash the gages appear like magic, digitally as well.  On it you can toggle through your music, radio stations and other features from your heated steering wheel before you even have to call on the CUE system.  When you do call on the Cue, your voice allows you to leave your hands on the wheel and continue the drive.

caddy 1Still there is more than meets the eye.  Tap the center console touch screen in the right place and it flips open to reveal a single disc CD slot and an area to plug in your smart phone. Touch in another place and it closes to hide your smart phone from plain view.

The driver experience is also not what one might expect in a Caddy. Each vehicle is quite fluid, quick, smooth and much more responsive. Even in the larger XTS, it’s sporty feel remains in tact.  Less cumbersome, and less stiff, these vehicles don’t float on the road, they stick to it.

The sound system is a touchdown in the ATS and XTS, which both have a premium Bose surround sound that is front row Jay-Z concert worthy.  While the cockpit is so quiet you catch every quotable line.

Cadillac can now more competitively take the field with its foreign rivals. Cadillac may even surprise them and leap to the top of the division.  The ATS and XTS are poised to be perrenial All-Stars once consumers take the time to see what these All-Americans have to offer.




Cadillac ATS AWD Premium

Price Tag: $46,695 base ($50,035 tested)

Power: 3.6L Turbo V6 321 horsepower

Transmission: 6-speed Geartronic Automatic Sport-Mode

Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive

Fuel Economy (mpg): 19-city/ 28-hwy



2013 Cadillac XTS AWD Premium

Price Tag: $55,810 base ($59,625 tested)

Power: 3.6L V6 304 horsepower

Transmission: 6-speed Automatic

Drivetrain: All-Wheel Drive

Fuel Economy (mpg): 17-city/ 26-hwy

Fatherhood Friday Arian Foster

“When my daughter Zeniah arrived, I had a little ball of life staring at me. How could I teach her that hard work separates winning from losing when I leisurely procrastinated my way through life? How could I teach her to dream when I didn’t put everything I had into mine? How could I teach her to be a loving kind human spirit when at the time I was so bitter at life (I had just been passed on by every team in all seven rounds of the NFL draft) that my motto was ‘turn your back on the world and let them stab.’  Hypocrites don’t make good superheroes and that’s what parents are supposed to be … superheroes. So I vowed to unlearn what I thought to be truth and completely humble myself to this experience.” – Houston Texans NFL All-Star running back Arian Foster

Foster Daughter

#FatherhoodFriday is the new #FF

Here are Arian’s 6 Things he will teach his 4-year old princess, Zeniah:
1. Happiness. This is probably the most cliché virtue on the list, but the most pivotal to her success. She needs to understand that “success” is a voyage, not an “x” on a map. I believe strongly that smiles are contagious, so I fill my home with as much laughter as possible. I do this in hopes that this mindset bleeds into her heart. You can’t teach happiness, per se, but you can teach perspective and let her see that the situation she is born into is unique and the things she is accustomed to are not everyone’s reality. I grew up in some rough circumstances, but in a very honest and humble way, was content with what I did have because I knew there were others out there that had less than me. This leads into the next thing I need my princess to understand.

2. The value of a dollar. I remember sometimes taking sponge baths as a boy because the water had been turned off, or my mother crying and asking me to go to bed at dinnertime because there was no food. But the most vivid memories I have were things like when my dad let me wear his favorite hat on my 8th birthday while he taught me how to make perfect scrambled eggs (which I would challenge anyone to a cook-off with). Or when my parents wanted to spoil us, we’d go to Blockbuster to pick out a movie and have family movie night. Moments like those I will hold in my memory bank for as long as my blood pumper is pumping. So how do I teach the daughter of a millionaire what money even is? The best way I’ve found for now came up after she asked for a Dora the Explorer video game that cost $34. I explained to her as best I could that daddy and mommy work hard to get these things that we call dollars. If she wanted it, we’d get it for her, but she had to earn it. We told her she had to do “chores” and every time she completed a task we marked a tally on a piece of paper hanging on the fridge. When she got to 34 “chores”, we’d buy the Dora game. She was so excited, and so was I. She really understood and took to the concept of earning and the fact that one chore meant one step closer to getting that game.

3. Know your why. Any time anyone comes up to me with any kind of idea or business proposition, I always ask them “Why?” It seems simple, but it’s actually an intricate question. Nine times out of ten, if someone’s why is to make money, they’ll fail at what they are trying to do. Here’s why I believe this: “Successful” people are usually self-vindicated people. They don’t need pats on the back. They don’t need compliments. The merit of their work is endorsed by what they see in the mirror. They drive themselves until they are satisfied. People who are monetarily motivated often tire of their occupations and eventually lose focus. But if you are in love with what you do day in and day out, it’s not work. Every day you’re adding a piece of joy to your ethos. So find your passion, and fall in love with your why.

4. Kindness. It is a virtue that you must have if you are around me. Negative energy sucks the life out of people, and we’re here to smile! You must treat people kindly. No one is any better than you are and you are no better than anyone else. We are all doing the best we can to figure out this thing we call life, so humble yourself to the fact that you know very little. I’m no different. I know very little, but I do my best to learn. I’ve learned things from a man with a PhD, a man who lived under a bridge, and a child. Treat everyone with kindness. It goes a long way. I was taught that people will rarely remember what you tell them, but they will always remember how you made them feel. In that same breath I’ll let her know not to let people take advantage of her. Weak people prey on weak people. I’m not into the turning-the-other-cheek business. I firmly believe there are times when people must stand their ground. Pick your battles wisely, but don’t initiate any unwarranted hate.

5. Men and her worth. (loads shotgun) A sore subject for any man with a daughter. I will teach her that she is a young goddess. Help her understand her worth. Let her know that she must hold every man accountable for who they are and how they act towards her. There will be a day when I give her away, and they say that a woman spends her life looking for her father in her groom, so until that day I will try to be the example of a man that she eventually will seek out. Men tend to be motivated by one thing. Don’t fall victim to a prince charming. If he cares for her, he’ll act accordingly. If not (aims shotgun), well, I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

6. The flying spaghetti monster. There are billions of people on Earth with hundreds of religions and sects that trickle off each other. I will never tell her what to believe in. I know parents are very influential on kids’ spiritual beliefs and that can be a positive or negative thing. I can give her a basic understanding of religions when she starts showing interest and asking questions. But I will remain silent otherwise. How can I make a young mind believe this is the truth for them when they don’t yet have the capacity nor the cognitive desire to delve into something like this? If she shows interest I would advise her to fully investigate a religion and see if it fits her. And if she chooses none of the above, I’ll be fine with that as well. The values I instill in her should guide her to her decision. What’s most important, I believe, is to support her decision no matter what.

Source: YAHOO Shine




Kids Love Orange Soda Chicken


orange soda4


This is one of my kids favorite dishes.  Simple and delicious.  I prefer Diet soda because it makes the chicken less messy and takes the sugar count down about 25+ grams making it better healthwise for the kiddies.  I don’t allow the kids soda in the house, so this is as close as they get, usually.  Toss the leftovers in the freezer for those days you don’t have time to cook.  #dadsrule

1.)  Soak the chicken in water and a little vinegar to clean chicken.  Season chicken with salt, pepper and adobo seasoning (optional).

orange soda 1

2.) Heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in pan. Slighty brown the chicken on all sides. Move to large pot.

orange soda 5

3.)  Add orange soda until chicken is covered, pour in 2 cups of barbeque sauce. Bring to boil. Then cover and cook on low for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally.  It will fall off the bone good and sweet. 

orange soda 2orange soda 3


Grocery List

Pack of Chicken Legs

Adobo Seasoning (optional)

Salt and cracked pepper

2 Tbsp of Coconut Oil

Diet Orange Soda

16oz/2 cups of Barbeque Sauce


A Good Time for Wine

Hands down and glasses up, one of the best wine festivals in the DC area takes place this Saturday and Sunday, September 14-15 at Great Meadows, The Plains, VA 11AM-6PM each day.  The 38th Annual Virginia Wine Fest is two days of food, live music and some of the best wines to taste. Tickets are $30 for the day which includes tasting; deignated driver price is $18 and for children the cost is $7 . There also additional tickets for gourmet  Wine and Food Pairing Tent as well as You Be the Judge Tasting Tent. Learn more about wine and wine culture.  Grab a glass at the entrance and sample freely from over 50 wineries or skip the alcohol enjoy the fun and purchase a few bottles for later.  

Must Taste List:

Cooper – Sweet Louisa, Rhapsody

Mattaponi – Strawbery Wine

Hill Top – Voyage

Lake Anna – Lake Side Sunset Red, Totally White

Descriptions and purchase links visit ticketing page. Check out more information at

va winefest 3 va wine 2 va wine 1

Forum in DC On Trayvon Martin Case

This Saturday, September 7, 2013 in Washington, DC join the good fight at the Civil Right’s landmark Union Temple Baptist Church.  A public forum and youth seminar on the Trayvon Martin Case.  Actions and words speak.  Don’t miss this event, if you are in the Nation’s Capital.  Don’t let the fire die down.

TrayvonM Forum Flyer




Fatherhood Friday with Primetime

Deion Sanders is in the NFL Hall of Fame but his biggest accomplishment is being a father to five kids.  He currently has custody of his three youngest kids following his split from his wife.  #FatherhoodFriday is the new #FF

“I don’t care what they say about me when I’m through with sports. I don’t want to be known as anything else in life but a great father.”

Deion “Primetime” Sanders

deionsanders_ms_576 Deion-Sanders-NFL-Draft-2 deon sandersfamily Deion-Sanders-kids


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