Dad Take your Kids to School

Summer ends with the thud of new shoe boxes and bags of school supplies for me. Today marked the first day of school for my little ones. Last night was torture as they were so excited for school one forgot to use the bathroom before bed and I was awakened at 2:30 in the morning to shower said kids and change sheets.  So, that meant daddy was slow to get up and we were in turn a wee bit late for the first day.  But there is still nothing like being able to take your kids to school late or not.  As a dad it is important to have a presence at your kid’s school.  It helps the morale of your child, it shows the other kids there is a man in your child’s life, and overall, it speaks well to show the family unit is strong.

I know some of us may not be fortunate enough to take our kid’s everyday but take them when you have the chance or ask the mom could you take your child to school once in awhile.  It will make a difference in your relationship with them and I bet it will make you feel good in the process. Carry on … #DadsRule

daddy and kids

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