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Alpha Dad: Bosses Just Don’t Understand

There was a recent article Alpha Dads: Men Get Serious About Work-Life Balance in Bloomberg Business Week. It was about struggling working menAlpha dad that balance work and playing an equal role as a parent at home.   How we don’t have an iconic figure leading the way. How we make it happen without giving up is actually a great discussion and an interesting problem. I say this as an unmarried full time parent. 

I recently came up to a Berlin wall at the job and agree it is a professional struggle.  Although, I told my boss I was a single dad, he never understood to what extent.  He, a parent himself, could never fully grasp how active I was in my children’s lives.  The fact that I am more like a “single mom” in terms of what one typically is hard to digest.  It is something that has to be explained and expressed if you are or want to be a very proactive dad and still be employed.  Not to say that you will be understood.  It is more acceptable for a mom to get off early from work, have personal phone calls and get a pass on parental tasks at the job than it is for a dad.  I understand the reasoning but it has to change! 

Check out this video below from MSNBC Morning Joe. It goes in on the women becoming bread winners and the role of parents switching. Once you get past that a few minutes in it gets good and real.  

Child’s Heart #FF


Fatherhood Fridays





#FF means Fatherhood Friday now.  Cool Dads say so. #Dadsrule

QOTD: Running on Empty

We don’t expect a car to start unless the gas tank is filled, and we shouldn’t expect a child to function at her best if her “emotional tank” is running low. Here are the three things that fill a child’s emotional tank: eye contact, gentle touch, and undivided attention. (excerpt from Jan Hunt’s “22 Alternatives to Punishment”)

#DadsRule Question of the Day:running on empty

Have you filled your children’s emotional tank today?  How did you do it?

Make a commitment to not have your kids running on empty and see how they operate on a full tank or at least half full … :) Let’s be reasonable.

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