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Just Say No to Procrastination

I said I would post tomorrow but …  #DadsRule #JustDoIt


QOTD: Parenting Steals

Many of us have friends that we think are good parents or people we read and follow that seem to be parenting wizards. But as the old idea-innovationsaying goes, “all that glitters is not gold.”  Being great parents is something all parents struggle with to get better.  Where do we place our trust as dads?

#DADsRule Question of the Day:

Is it OK to steal parenting ideas from other parents? And what happens when copycat parenting goes wrong?


Two bad chicks at the same time!  “We eat wings and throw them bones on the ground.”

jm badu

QOTD To Be Loved?

As men, we grow up loved by our moms and then taught that it is a weakness to require that validation from our women. As dads, our kids have no hesitation sharing love and validating it.  I know personally, I like to get things without asking.

For many of us in relationships, we tend not to ask, “Do you love me?” But we notice when it’s not being said to us.  We know women love to hear it.  Truth be told, so do we. We need to be loved too!

to be loved

To be loved, to be loved. Oh, what feeling to be loved!



#DadsRule Question of the Day

Is being told you are loved important? Even if you don’t ask for it, would you like your significant other to validate how she feels about you.

Earthday DC becomes Broccoli City

The Sunday, the best thing going in the DC area is the Broccoli City Fest for Earthday 2012 at the Nationals Stadium DC Fairgrounds.  BC Fest is an outdoor festival with a clean conscience complete with live music, sneaker recycling, healthy food trucks, yoga, and a pop-up marketplace with environmentally conscious goods.  For tickets visit

See you on the green! #Earthday2013 #BCFest #DadsRule


broc city lineup broccolicityfest2


QOTD: Toughest Thing About Fatherhood?

Matt takes his family to work

Matt Damon father of three daughters recently said the following:

“Fatherhood is something I have always wanted to do. Although sleeplessness is the toughest part.”


What is the toughest thing about fatherhood?

The toughest thing for me is having people depend on you; the responsibility of their needs and wants rest on your shoulders.  Especially as a single dad, ok with about your needs and your mistakes and a carefree cool dude okay with his shortcomings.  If my needs are not met, so be it.  If I make a mistake, I can get over it.  But with fatherhood, every move you make, every breath you take; they’ll be watching you (Shout out to STING).

If I forget to wash clothes, my kids won’t have clean clothes to wear. If I forget to go shopping for food, the kids can’t eat. If I miss the deadline to turn in a permission slip, my kids can’t go on the field trip.  When they are late to school, guess who’s fault it is?

Being a dad there is more pressure than ever to make money,  get things right, get there on time, get your life organized, because if you don’t there are pretty little people that will be very disappointed.  There is nothing worse than a disappointed kid.

What do you think is the toughest thing about fatherhood?

DC Love Fest

If you are in the DC area on May 11, please check out DC Love Fest at the Washington Convention Center.  The event has a host of DC’s most talented artists as well as being headlined by internationally known recording artists …

DC lovefest

plus acts like Black Alley, Lysette Titi from Nicki Minaj/Backyard camps, John Michael, B. Blunt, Kyonte, and more.

The pre-mother’s day festival has wonderful vendors and boutique trunkshows along with food, bars, and VIP areas.

Also come celebrate the new album release of Raheem Devaughn “LOVELAND” on

Saturday, May 11, 2013
@ Washington Convention Center
Doors open at 7:00pm and Performances start at 8:00pm

Tickets can be purchase from Daddyscool HERE

Fit Fathers Workout

Sunday, I had the pleasure of working out with Fit Fathers for the first time. My friend and founder of Fit Fathers, Kimatni Rawlins, had been extending invitations to run every time he setfit fathers.1 up an event. Some of which, I would even give verbal commits to but could never find the time or energy to actually attend. Well that ended this weekend and now I am hooked.

Kimatni the intense excitement about getting fit and helping fathers do so, came on all of the sudden.  It was an addiction as he changed his eating and fitness habits.  His family would follow suit.  Now a vegan, Kimatni is really dedicated to educating dads and getting them and their kids active.

We met up at Bowie High School’s track in Maryland on a beautiful Sunday morning. It worked out perfectly, as I was able to drop my little ladies off at a hairdresser a block away and return to workout with the Fit Father’s crew with my son. My son Arin was not quite decked out in his running attire but was enthused about working out with his dad, so we were both put to the test. There was a group of kids that ran together as the group of adults alternated around the track. While the kids ran, adults watched and rested and vice versa; cheering respected parents and kids on all the while.

The workout? One mile warmup, dynamic stretches, plyometrics, 50, 100, 200 & 400 meter repeats & a cool down. I had just enough energy to take the group shot below. If I was asked to do anything else I would have passed out! But it was a great workout and I was energized for the rest of my day.

My son wanted to get Dunkin Donuts afterwards and we even stopped in but while in line that Fit Fathers’ voice in my head got the best of me and we opted for fruit smoothies elsewhere.

For more information follow them on all the social medias visit  Daddyscool will definitely be doing some collaborations with this organization in the coming months. Stay tuned and stay fit.  #DADsRule



Dads Club Sponsored by Dove Men

Get Kids Moving This Weekend

get movin


Healthy and fun event to kick off the spring in the Metro area.  My kids are out for spring break so this will be a good send off to get them ready for back to school.  Back to school is a celebration ALL the TIME for parents!

THE SPRING EDITION OF GET KIDS MOVIN! will feature interactive physical activity, workshops on healthy eating, musical performances, a special Scavenger Hunt, prizes from Sports Zone and partner stores, fitness demonstrations, a fashion show and much more!

Visit for more information. is Back!

back in business


The Hiatus is OVER!  Warning … Web site redesign.  Daddy’s Cool is back to posting content.  New Look, New Cool.  Join the movement #DadsRule.

Bob Marley Musical for All Ages

Son Arin and Cedella Marley

Son Arin and Cedella Marley

It was a treat to take my kids, ages 7 and 8 years old, to a marvel of sight and sound that would be the world premier of the musical “Three Little Birds” at Adventure Theatre, located at Glen Echo Park in Maryland. The play is based on a children story by Cedella Marley infused with the music and lyrics of her dad, Bob Marley.

READ MORE  >my full review

If  you are in the DC area the play runs until April 14th and trust you do not want to miss it!

I give it 3 smiles … my 3 kids all loved it and to get them all on the same page with liking anything is impossible at times.

tickets available at


Arin reading Three Little Birds on the way to the play

One Love DC

One Love

Happy Born Day Marvin

marvin gaye with his kids


The greatest singer I have ever heard was born on April 2nd.  Singer, Legend, Father … Marvin Gaye. Rest in Paradise.  #DadsRule

“Great Artists Suffer for the People”


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