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Justin Bieber Boxing with Mike Tyson

Because my son likes Justin Bieber and i recently force fed him Mike Tucker … excuse me, Mike Tyson’s greatest knockouts on YouTube. This is for Arin (6) >>> The best of both worlds. Bieber going to work on the punching bag with Tyson training.

Good work, Beibs.  Now you can release that new album … a sucker punch to dads far and wide.

And what do you know THIS JUST IN > Justin roughs up papparazzi over girlfriend. 

Ease up, champ.

2nd Grader Starts Book Club at School

You have to love Michal Zoe’s initiative; my second grader has started her own book club!

At one point during the school year she was invited to join a group of second and third graders in a small book club at her school.  She was so excited she was reading on such a high level to be chosen and loved the idea of not having lunch with her classmates but lunch and book talk elsewhere. Well, that idea could not be upheld by the teacher’s busy schedule and the book club ended.

Soon Michal talked to me about how she missed it and how she wished she could do her own.  I told her that was a great idea and to do it. My idea was over the summer but her thoughts were more immediate, as they ALWAYS are.  She went directly to her vice principal and set the ball in motion. She was going to invite anyone interested to attend, then she got specific and created a list to give the flyer/invites.  Not my suggestion but definitely how daddy would have done it.

Check out the flyer daddy created for her. That little girl inspires me, she is a go-getter.


Twins Take Stage at the Warner Theatre in DC

 I was recently treated to one of my proudest moments as a parent yet when my twins, Arin and Nya, were one of the few KIPP DC students chosen to perform in front of a sold out crowd at the legendary Warner Theatre.   KIPP celebrated their 10-yr anniversary in grand style showcasing their best performing ensembles from their nine schools in the District of Columbia. The show contain everything from a drumline and an orchestra to tango dancing.  Not to mention Arin and Nya singing! It was an awesome show. Forever Forward >>> KIPP.  Gosh, I love this school.

Arin excited about taking the BIG stage

The kids and daddy

Sketches of Daddy

Michal’s Art of Daddy

During a recent meeting where I gave a presentation to the community, my 7-year old daughter was watching me at the podium and decided to sketch me.  She was proud of her daddy.  It warmed my heart. Very cute.



RIP to a two music legends Chuck Brown (GodFather of Go-Go) and Disco Queen Donna Summer. Heaven is getting their grove on today and forever. #Respect.


Now this is funky … REST IN BEATS to the Beastie Boy MCA

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