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Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain

February 20, 1967 singer Kurt Cobain entered the world. Although he left us and MOST importantly left his daughter too soon, he left us with what “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” #AMEN

Check out this tribute to the 27 Club (a group of famous musicians dead at age 27) by DC area band Black Alley.  In the song, “Club 27,” they run through a medley of live renditions of songs by Amy Winehouse Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Nirvana (Kurt Cobain).

Fool For Alice Smith

Valentine’s day is over, do you feel like a fool for her or him?


She covers Cee lo’s Fool For You … #DOPE

Coolest Super Bowl Commercial

Hands down!  The title goes to the Greek yogurt I have never heard of and will never eat. Starts with an “O.”

#2 goes for Ferris. The extended version, you didn’t see from HONDA CR-V. Life moves pretty fast …

Last was the ETrade commercial on Fatherhood. Baby Speed Dating …

introducing Black Alley

Black Alley takes on the historic Howard University’s Cramton auditorium and a formidable soul singer, Chrisette Michele (No link. You’ll have to google her because I am not a fan)


Behind the Soul Garage > episode 1

Ode to Drive

Jan 31st, Drive starring Ryan Gosling, a bada$$ movie hit DVD.

In honor of Drive I happen to have a bada$$ Baracuda harrington jacket from London and driving gloves in my closet to match its fire.  The soundtrack is dope too! Straight 80’s feel.  It’s like a muted Scarface with a stunt driver turned killer instead of an immigrant, turn drug dealer, turn killer.  All I do is drive and love the 80’s so this was right up my black alley (shamelss plug)




#DADsRULE – Be bada$$

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