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Cool Christmas Gifts for Cool Dads

Instead of a car review on the RootDC, I decided to compile a list for those last minute shoppers looking for Christmas gifts for cool dads … #DADsRule

Check out my piece below:



Reason for a New Girl

This week Fox’s hit sitcom “New Girl” fall season ended, but don’t fret it has been picked up for another season.  If you have never seen it, it is worth checking out.  If you still don’t care, I present … Hannah Simone … the beautiful ethnic actress that co-stars in Zooey Deschanel’s comedy about a chick that moves in with three guys after a bad breakup.

If she isn’t a new girl that you can get into, CHECK YOUR PULSE>

Scene from "New Girl"

 #DADsRULE  Watch this show! And follow her @HannahSimone 


Swag is really Flair

This is something to watch and enjoy.  There is not too many as entertaining as Slick Ric Flair.  If you are around my age, you know.  Either way check out real SWAG.

Shut you mouth, honey! I’m not taking my clothes off, I’m stylin’ and profilin’

#DADsRULE  Stop using the word “Swag” and get some “Flair”

“One surprise.  Shhh … Woo!”  #Classic

S/o to Killer Mike’s song “Ric Flair” had me looking at old Ric Flair video and highly entertained.

Weird Science

Michal Zoe’s 2nd grade science fair was the bomb … like baking soda and vinegar explosive.  We went with the classic volcano. She and her mom put in work one weekend. They went to the park and grabbed material from outside to add realness and texture to the volcano.  Daddy would have just painted it but this was cooler.  Great job mom.

Michal and Daddy


#DadsRule – Sometimes being able to take no credit is the best credit.  It can make everyone was happy.

All I did was take pictures. Love it!  And I love her school KIPPDC!







Watch Your Credit

I saw this and it peaked my interest.  Watches are vital to a cool dad’s lifestyle, so dig it …

Watch + Credit Card + ID

#DADsRule  Watch your credit!


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