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Finding Fatherhood

Check this out from the TheRootDC GOOD read!

There are many black men in this city who are considered to be nothing but statistics: Another ex-con. An unskilled, unemployed worker. A deadbeat dad.

Twenty-five-year-old James McClain is trying to transcend the labels.He spent three and a half years in Jessup Correctional Institution in Maryland on a drug charge. He’s been out since 2008 and for nearly each of his days as a free man he’s taken care of his six-year-old son, Jehrylle- alone. McClain received full custody from the court earlier this year. The struggle is a daily one: They’ve slept in homeless shelters and on relative’s couches.

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Find New Balance

One way to keep on top of your game is to stay balanced. With so many distractions, it’s easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of your DaddysCool between the rat race and everything being all about the kids.

#DADsRule Find New Balance. Find time for what makes you happy.

These shoes would make me happy. The New Balance I need LOL – H574 Past, Present and Furture Collection by Leftfoot This is why I am really from Japan and not DC.  Look ma, no reflectors<inside joke>

Every Dad Wants to Rule the World

80’s Music always brightens my day.  Stay focused and in the action, dads.  It’s our job to rule the world or die trying.  No offense ladies, but who of you wouldn’t want to be laid up following your passion from home knowing that everything is taking care of by your man? Dads let’s get it.  Mouths are open, eyes are locked, the pressure is on but this is what we do. No need to fear the unknown. SO shed some Tears for Fears and make it happen.

#DADsRULE   You can’t reach the sky sitting down. Stand up for yourself, believe and make it happen. It’s never too late. The world is always waiting for you.

Don’t Lose Your Daddy Cool. Fly Above

Who knew drinking the wrong Vodka could get you cursed out by entertainment mogul, Diddy. Last weekend at a party in Atlanta some patrons at a night club found out when someone raised a bottle of Grey Goose while Puffy was screaming Ciroc.  Come to find one of the folks in the middle trying to diffuse the situation was a friend, cool dad, Atlanta’s V-103 radio personality, and Grey Goose brand ambassador Kenny Burns.  Puffy can be seen in a video acting real uncool, to say the least. You’ll have to Google the vid … you won’t catch uncool dads here.

Diddy jumped on Twitter after the event apologizing in laughable damage control fashion, darn near quoting scripture. Burns went on the airwave in ATL  and Cleared the air on MTV.

As fathers we are role models to the next generation. Some of us have more watching us than others but whether in the national eye or not our actions speak volumes.  We are the head and we lead.

#DADsRULE  Don’t Lose your Daddy Cool. FLy Above.

Check out this fresh air video flying above in lovely Paris with Burns and Grey Goose.  See how Grey Goose is made and more. #Class

Le Voyage – France from KENNY BURNS on Vimeo.

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