My Son is Too Young to Call Anyone HOT!

Some Like it HOT, Some Shouldn't!

So son dude is at the breakfast table and says, “Daddy, Melissa (not real name) was HOT, yesterday.”  <insert Daddy’s uncool screw face here>

This 5-year old better be referring to the summer weather. Admittedly, the girl in question is the cutest little thing but this isn’t the time for a little boy to see anything in her outside of a random classmate or friend at best.  I suspected otherwise. 

Say son, It was pretty hot yesterday, but how do you know she was hot?  Was she sweating?

“No,” he said.

Oh, okay. She said she was hot?

“No,” he replied.

My two daughters sitting at the table listening, were now totally confused. “How do you know she was hot,” my eldest insisted.

My suspicions were clear now.  Who said she was HOT, I demanded. I knew it wasn’t his own design and I knew he didn’t pick it up from me. He had to hear it from friends at school. How would he know, shoot barely I know anymore now that my life is kids incorporated.

As he saw Daddy’s uncool face get uncooler, he confessed … “My friends said how she looked pretty and she always looks hot.”

My resolution … #DADsRULE

Girls outside of your sisters are not allowed to be pretty and the only reason you can use the word “Hot” is to let me know you are burning or the sun is out. “Hot” is an adult term.

Now finish your breakfast and let’s try to make it to school on time today!

Cool Talk-Back, Please

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