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Why be Realistic? #DADsrule

Will Smith’s Motivation

Great stuff!  Listen to it all or go 5:00 in …

“No reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A,” Will Smith

Personally, I just believe what i believe.  I consider myself a Hopeless Optimist, so this video struck close to home. I believe I can do anything. You can believe that you can’t, you can even believe that I can’t but I refuse to believe it.

“Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity,” Will Smith

I feel once you accept something will not happen, it will not. My girl always tells me, she’s just being realistic. I side with Will. And anyone who knows me knows I am not much of a fan of his but I love his mentality and HUSTLE.

Yo Gabba Yo!

This Friday Nick Jr’s popular live action/ weird human-sized puppet show, Yo Gabba Gabba!, comes to life for kids of all ages in the DC area at the Patriot Center in Virginia.  The event is presented by Kia Motors and since they have presented me with tickets … It’s time to dance!  For my old school Hip-Hoppers, Biz Markie (who I have always considered a puppet like character) is also part of the show.  The kids are pumped. You might not want to wait for my review of the show to get tickets, because it’s only in the area one night, Sept. 30.  If you are wondering when or if it is coming your way check the schedule of the tour at Yo Gabba Gabba!

#DADsRule  “Kid’s like the Darndest things. Learn to live with some of their choices.”

High Five a Kid

Michal running towards the action to get her kicks. Nya in the colorful tights.

Friday the kids took part in the Kicks for Kids thanks to KIPPDC and courtesy of the DC UNITED at RFK stadium in DC.  They were treated to a good soccer game with plenty of goals, dinner, t-shirts and free Adidas shin guards and socks.  At halftime the kids were allowed to throw their new gear on and head out to the field to folic and try to kick a ball more than they kick one another. It was pretty brutal out there LOL

The kids had a great time and as they ran off the field the crowd high-fived them like when athletes leave the field.

“I’m a celebrity,” said Arin.  He was super excited about the encouragement he got from the crowd.

#DADsRULE … Encourage the kids.  High-fives are always necessary.

Getting out the crib and watch NFL #DC

NFL Brunch hosted by DaddysCool

ALL day with Bottomless Mimosas, buckets of beer and great food and TRASH TALKING

Games start at 1pm

GIANTS vs EAGLES definitely on the bill

NFL ticket with big games on big screens today including …




They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)

Troy Davis' Homecoming

Dear Troy,

You captured a nation. You captured social media. You captured my eyes, mind and heart. Your story wasn’t anything new but in this new age, it was a new view.  So many people have voices now through blogs, Twitter and Facebook. People are used to making an impact.  Hell, they got a Black President elected.  But none of the chatter could change this prewritten history. It couldn’t even excite that very same President I mentioned.  This history has been written, been lived and been dead.  We’ll continue this beautiful struggle gaining more ammo and momentum to change the world.  Until then …

I Reminisce … I Reminisce.

Rest easy, Troy. Your struggle has ended.  The world’s continues.   MY GOD.

Daddy Said Knock You OUT!

Even, if you didn’t catch the fight you know by now about the “shot” (cheap or not) heard round the world. Mayweather/Ortiz has been trending like crazy. All cash and hoopla aside, all lights low; what if you were in a fight and the person taunting, headbutting and hitting you gave you a free shot?

What would your daddy say do?  Knock his a$$ out!

No apology needed. Click to check out my man, Steve at theRootDC blog on it. He brings up Malcolm and Ali and I’m just saying what I tell my son.

#DADsRule    “Protect yourself at all times!”

Ortiz. I know you didn’t grow up with a daddy, so I may be late. But now you know. And knowing is half the battle. G.I. Joooooooe

My Son is Too Young to Call Anyone HOT!

Some Like it HOT, Some Shouldn't!

So son dude is at the breakfast table and says, “Daddy, Melissa (not real name) was HOT, yesterday.”  <insert Daddy’s uncool screw face here>

This 5-year old better be referring to the summer weather. Admittedly, the girl in question is the cutest little thing but this isn’t the time for a little boy to see anything in her outside of a random classmate or friend at best.  I suspected otherwise. 

Say son, It was pretty hot yesterday, but how do you know she was hot?  Was she sweating?

“No,” he said.

Oh, okay. She said she was hot?

“No,” he replied.

My two daughters sitting at the table listening, were now totally confused. “How do you know she was hot,” my eldest insisted.

My suspicions were clear now.  Who said she was HOT, I demanded. I knew it wasn’t his own design and I knew he didn’t pick it up from me. He had to hear it from friends at school. How would he know, shoot barely I know anymore now that my life is kids incorporated.

As he saw Daddy’s uncool face get uncooler, he confessed … “My friends said how she looked pretty and she always looks hot.”

My resolution … #DADsRULE

Girls outside of your sisters are not allowed to be pretty and the only reason you can use the word “Hot” is to let me know you are burning or the sun is out. “Hot” is an adult term.

Now finish your breakfast and let’s try to make it to school on time today!

I knew it! Sponges are bad.

I’ve been against Spongebob for the kids since inception. They have never seen an episode on my watch. Now my anti-sponge campaign has been validated. “Watching just nine minutes of that program can cause short-term attention and learning problems in 4-year-olds,” according to study.

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